The 10 Most Toxic Items at Dollar Stores

Dollar stores may be convenient because there’s a wide array of products you can buy for a very low price.

But, what you may not know is that these dollar store shops often sell items that are toxic and may harm your health and well-being.

Once upon a time, dollar stores were stores with dusty shelves full of worn-out and expired items. Today, the situation is much better and there are a lot of products that are worth buying. 

But, you still need to shop cautiously at these stores!

The next time you find yourself at the dollar store, make sure you know which products you should avoid if you wish to keep toxins at bay!

10 Most Toxic Items at Dollar Stores You Should Avoid Buying 

  1. Plastic wrapping & packaged foods 

Plastic wrapping and plastic commercial packaging for food products may have BPS and phthalates inside. This is why you should rethink the next time before you buy plastic wrapping or foods wrapped in it.

  1. Plastic food containers 

Even though plastic food containers are the most popular item at dollar stores and ease daily organization, they may contain phthalates. 

These chemicals were associated with reproductive problems in lab animals. Plastic containers may also contain bisphenol-S or BPS which may be harmful as well. 

  1. Some cleaning products 

A lot of cleaning products contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. 

To prevent exposure to toxic chemicals, avoid buying cleaning products at dollar store shops. 

When possible, opt for natural cleaning products instead, for example, baking soda. 

  1. Styrofoam cups & plates

As a known carcinogen, styrene should be avoided. It’s commonly found in products like styrofoam cups, plates, packaging for peanuts, and numerous other household goods often sold at these dollar stores.

  1. Black plastic kitchen utensils

Bromine, which has been associated with cancer and birth defects, is an element present in some flame retardants. 

Although it’s been banned, it may still be present in some cheaper and older versions of black plastic kitchen utensils. Therefore, avoid these utensils and opt for the stainless steel or wooden ones.

  1. Power cords & electronic accessories

A lot of electronic accessories sold at dollar stores like cell phone chargers, USB cords, extension cords, etc. contain chlorine. 

This toxic chemical may be a sign that the items were made using vinyl. To prevent exposure to toxins, buy these products at specialized electronics stores. 

  1. Toys made before 2008

Just because some items don’t have an expiration date, it doesn’t mean that you should buy them. Sometimes, you can find factory closeout products at dollar stores. 

This means that the stock may be old and you shouldn’t buy it. One example is plastic toys made before 2008. They’re likelier to contain more phthalates than those toys made after 2008 because this is the year when the ban on phthalates in children’s toys began. 

  1. Anything made from vinyl 

Phthalates are used in almost everything that’s made from vinyl because they ensure the vinyl stays flexible. 

At the dollar store, there are a lot of vinyl products like shower curtains, placemats, backpacks, mattress covers, pool toys, etc.

  1. Bug spray

No one likes pests in their home, that’s for sure. When we spot them, we often reach for chemical pesticides; however, these products should be avoided because they may increase the risk of cancer. 

Chemical pesticides may also be present in flea collars and tick repellents. Some natural oils may be a great alternative option to repel ticks naturally and they’re safer for humans and pets. 

Thyme, eucalyptus, and peppermint are only some great options you can try. 

  1. Fruit juices 

Arsenic is poisonous and inorganic arsenic is also a suspected carcinogen. And, it can cause harm even in smaller doses. In these doses, it’s found in some fruit juices. If you spot them at dollar stores, avoid buying these fruit juices!