Ireland Will Pay You $90,000 to Move to a Beautiful Island Home

If you’re dreaming of a life in a rural idyll, Ireland has you covered. They’ve recently announced a plan to revive more than 20 of their remote islands on the western seaboard, including Inis Mor. 

This island’s breathtaking landscape was featured in the Hollywood hit The Banshees of Inisherin. They’re also offering people to move to other of their 10 Irish-speaking Gaeltacht Islands.

Grants of up to $92,000 will be offered to people who want to refurbish homes that are vacant or derelict and then live in them. 

Currently, Vacant Home Officers are working on the case and identifying suitable properties. The potential residents should know that there aren’t any limitations on who can purchase a property in Ireland. 

But, buying a property doesn’t guarantee your right to reside in this state.

The Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant in Ireland

According to the official website of the Irish government, applicants can receive this grant if they make a vacant property their permanent home or a rental property. 

The grant can go up to $92,000. To qualify for it, the applicants need to prove their ownership or provide documents of active negotiations to purchase the specific property. 

And, they should also provide proof that the property has been vacant for at least two years and that it was built up to and including 2007.

They also explain that the grant only applies to the properties included in the scheme and located in the villages, cities, towns, and rural parts of the country. 

Applicants need to provide a quotation in respect of the proposed works, an independent report that confirms that the property is derelict or confirmation that it’s on the Derelict Sites Register, as well as any other documents that the local authority may ask for to support the application.

Sustainability & Vibrant Communities

This project is part of the Our Living Islands policy which is dedicated to increasing the number of residents in their islands. 

The Irish government explains that the goal of the policy is to keep the communities vibrant and thriving on their offshore islands in the future. 

The money from the grant can be used for specific purposes like insulation, redecoration, and structural building works.