This Amazing Compress Will Help You Relieve Headaches & Treat Swollen Feet Naturally

Moist heat can be of great aid if you’re looking to alleviate a headache and decrease swollen feet. A warm salt compress is an excellent method to boost your blood flow. 

A salt compress helps remove toxins and surplus fluid through the body because it acts like a potent diuretic. 

A warm salt compress can also help relieve muscle pain and it also promotes cell regeneration and skin detoxification as it helps preserve the moisture in the skin cells.

Try This Warm Compress If You Have a Headache

You will need:

A gauze lining or a clean cotton cloth 

250 ml of water, heated to 60 or 70 degrees C or 140 F to 158 F

2 teaspoons of salt 


Fold the gauze or cloth in eight layers. It should match the length of your head and the height of your forehead.

Then, dissolve the salt in the warm water. You now have an 8 percent saline solution.

How to use it:

Wash the forehead, ears, and back of the head using lukewarm water. Then, soak the gauze in the saline solution and gently squeeze out the surplus liquid. 

Wrap the gauze around your head, neck, and ears if necessary. Leave the compress for at least 20 minutes. Relax on the bed or a chair while wearing the compress.

Once you remove it, rinse the forehead, neck, and ears with warm water.

How to Use a Warm Compress to Alleviate Swollen Feet

You will need:

0.5 kg of salt

5 liters of cold water

A soft cloth 


Dissolve the salt in the water. Then, soak the cloth in the solution and squeeze out the surplus liquid. 

Apply the cloth onto the lower part of the back and leave it for 20 minutes. 

Repeat it daily, for 10 days. The swelling will reduce thanks to the more frequent urination that the compress will cause.