NASA has calculated the Last Day of Life on Earth: This Is How Long We Have

Our universe is an infinite, unexplored, and miraculous place full of many unknowns. It’s in this universe that the solar system is found. It holds the amazing planet that we call home, i.e. Earth. 

The galaxies and stars in outer space are fascinating and beautiful, but the existence of planet Earth is the sole reason humans have thrived since the beginning of time. 

Without our planet, life couldn’t exist. However, scientists predict that it may be dying and that our time here is limited.  According to NASA’s calculations, the last day of all life is coming.

NASA’s Answers to the Universe 

Planet Earth is currently in an emergency state and extinction is threatening human life. Centuries ago, dinosaurs walked the grounds that we live on today. 

However, over time, dinosaurs and many other animal species have gone extinct. Unless astronauts can find another planet where we can survive as humans, mankind may be the next in line to face extinction.

NASA is the closest thing that we have to finding the answers to questions about our existence on Earth. The combination of knowledgeable astronomers and advanced scientific tech has determined how much longer planet Earth could sustain humanity. 

The Risk of Extinction 

It’s a no-brainer: global warming has been causing our planet harm. 

Unsteady weather, forest fires, melting glaciers, and many other problems happening all over the globe are a result of climate change and global warming. 

These issues have caused significant damage to lives everywhere, but they’re not the worst of the sun’s effects. 

NASA notes that humans are at a high risk of extinction. They fear that if there’s no other place where we could survive as a species in the solar system, we’re in some serious trouble.

The Sun’s Power 

The sun is a beautiful star that provides us with happiness, vitamins, and hot summer days. However, the sun is more dangerous than one may think. According to scientists, the end of life as we know it will be a direct cause of solar radiation.

The damage that the sun causes to the ecosystem is a threatening environmental problem. Thanks to computer simulations, scientists were able to make accurate mathematical predictions about the state of the earth.

They have tested the condition and state of planet Earth using computer models more than 400 times. Thanks to these experiments, astronomers have closer and more accurate results about how much longer Earth will be able to sustain life. 

And, they claim that it’s not looking well. Although their predictions should be taken with a grain of salt because they don’t guarantee it’s a hundred percent true claim, it’s still a possibility. 

NASA claims this date will come in 1,000,002,021 years. Supposedly, it’s the deoxygenation that will be our silent killer. 

We Hold Our Earth’s Future in Our Hands

Just because most of us won’t live to witness this change on planet Earth, it’s essential to take into consideration its declining path and what it means for the future of our great-great-grandchildren and their families and future generations. Many of them will be threatened by extinction. 

With this in mind, it’s essential to realize that we hold the planet’s future in our hands. Climate change is frightening, but astronomers claim that each of us plays a role in saving our planet.

Therefore, when possible, try to live a life with a small eco-footprint. Instead of driving, take a walk. Instead of buying a plastic bag, use a reusable one. Avoid plastic bottles and plastic packaging. Inform yourself on how you can live a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and planet-friendly lifestyle.

These small good and eco-friendly deeds can have a huge impact on our planet’s well-being!