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Can Lemon Water Detox Your Body?

Drinking sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis is pivotal because our body is 60 percent water and it is also necessary for many bodily processes. According to studies, people who consume more water have higher levels of energy and their focus is better. One report by the Fred […]

Healthy Tips

5 Shocking Facts about Pesticides

Nowadays, even organic foods are affected by the excessive presence of pesticides. Pesticides are detrimental for our foods, our bodies, and our surroundings. Let’s check out some of the less known truths regarding pesticides. 5 Shocking Facts about Pesticides The EPA turns a blind eye Organophosphate is a pesticide which […]

Healthy Tips

5 Benefits of Colon Cleansing

With certainty, we live in a toxic age and this can sometimes have a detrimental effect on our overall health and well-being. A toxic colon is unable to perform optimally and this can impede a lot of other bodily process and increase the risk of health problems. This is why […]