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A Dash of Turmeric on the Daily Improves Brain Health & Memory

What A Pinch Of Turmeric Everyday Can Do For The Brain And Memory

Turmeric is a commonly used culinary ingredient, especially in Asian cuisine. It has a specific yellow color enabled by its ingredient, i.e. curcumin. According to experimental studies, curcumin is a potent substance with a long list of health benefits, including the capacity to lower the chance for dementia. Taking into […]

Scientists Claim: Intelligence Passes from Mother to Child, not from Fathers

Intelligence Is Not Inherited Only From Mothers

“Note: A correction was made directly in this story at the request of an independent fact checker for Facebook” There have been plenty of inaccurate articles circulating round the social media that had claimed that the intelligence passes from mother to child. According to these false claims, we inherit a […]

5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Freeze Your Blueberries

From May to August (depending on the climate), blueberries are very popular as a smoothie ingredient, an interesting addition to barbecues, and an essential part of sweet desserts like muffins and pies. Without doubt, ripe blueberries are tasty and sweet and have a one-of-a-kind flavor. In addition to making them […]

People over 40 Should Work only 3 Days a Week, Experts Say

People over 40 Should Work only 3 Days a Week, Experts Say

According to Truth Theory, in a lot of countries, the earliest age for retirement is 60; however, newest research points out that the adequate age to stop working is two decades earlier! Namely, a recent Australian study indicates that people over the age of 40 perform optimally when they work […]