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KFC Sells Out their Plant-Based ‘Chicken’ in 5 Hours

KFC Sells Out their Plant-Based ‘Chicken’ in 5 Hours

Nowadays, plant-based replacements for meat are becoming more and more popular and Beyond Meat and KFC have revealed that their Beyond Fried Chicken (which isn’t real chicken) sold out in only 5 hours. The waiting line was long and it formed before the store opened. KFC sold as much meatless […]

Could the Plastic-Eating Mushroom Help Solve the Plastic Waste Problem?

Scientists Discovered an Edible Mushroom That Eats Plastic

Unfortunately, the estimated 250 million tons of waste thrown out every year into the landfills of America is destroying our earth. Even though a straw ban helps reduce plastic use and waste, it doesn’t solve this huge problem. This is why environmentalists and scientists worldwide are searching for methods that […]