KFC Sells Out their Plant-Based ‘Chicken’ in 5 Hours

Nowadays, plant-based replacements for meat are becoming more and more popular and Beyond Meat and KFC have revealed that their Beyond Fried Chicken (which isn’t real chicken) sold out in only 5 hours.

The waiting line was long and it formed before the store opened.

KFC sold as much meatless chicken in those 5 hours as it usually sells popcorn chicken in one week. They plan to study the results of this debut test to see what their next step will be.

Meatless Chicken: What Does It Taste Like?

The Beyond Fried Chicken is available in two forms, that is, nuggets, breaded and available for combination with several sauces and the boneless wings that can be mixed with Honey BBQ, and Buffalo Sauce, according to your personal preferences.

But, Is It Healthy?

Though plant-based, this isn’t the healthiest meal choice. Namely, in order for something to be considered healthy, it needs to be fully holistic, that is, it should be whole food and unprocessed.

This is the main reason why health advocates emphasize whole-food plant-based diets, rather than only plant-based ones.

Is the Future Plant-Based?

However, despite diet preferences, it’s positive to see people being more open to the idea that we don’t need animal food on the daily. Ultimately, it could be better to choose plant-based chicken, rather than real chicken meat.

Furthermore, with the increase of companies realizing the demand for plant-based diets, the number of such options in local restaurants, stores, and fast food chains has been exponentially growing.

Without out, there is the ability to enjoy products with good texture and taste without having to kill animals. Plus, plant-based foods are good for the planet Earth.

Believe it or not, it requires 99 percent less water, 93 percent less land, and 90 fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and 46 percent less energy to produce the products of Beyond Meat in comparison to beef.

KFC’s Decision Is Surprising, Some Say

This launch of the plant-based chicken was a bit surprising as the US president of KFC, Kevin Hochman revealed for the CNBC a few months ago that the US branch has no intention of testing plant-based products.

However, if we take into account the rising popularity of vegan burgers in the last year, it seems reasonable that the brand changes its course.

Plant-based interest is huge and with the right marketing and quality products, KFC could gain advantage in this area.

The plant-based segment’s market is worth 4.5 billion dollars, say the Plant Based Foods Association and there has been 31 percent growth of plant-based foods since 2017.

UK KFC launched a vegan chicken burger in June this year and believe it or not, it sold out in only 4 days.





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