Meet Wiley, The Cutest Dalmatian Dog With A Heart On His Nose

When you see this cute Dalmatian puppy with unique markings, you can’t help yourself but fall in love.

And, his love for other dogs and humans is as plain as his heart-shaped nose. Lexi Smith got a new family member back in March 2018 that is now one of the sweetest dogs with a sassy personality.

She taught him to sit down on command from early on. So, now, when he wants something, he sits down and waits for a snack.

She explains that the dog may grunt when you tell him no; however, no isn’t something this cute dog hears often.

The Cutest Puppy, for Sure

This exuberant dog has no shyness and everyone who he meets is his friend. He enjoys cuddles with mommy, hiking, and spending time playing with his cat “sibling”. He’s very energetic and it appears that his mission in life is to make people happy.

When he was old enough, his mommy begun taking him out to adventures in her hometown Denver in Colorado. The people there always stop and pet Wiley that melts them down with his heart-shaped nose. Smith explains that everyone notices his nose and that he loves receiving all the love and attention.

She notes that he’s stubborn, but a little sweetheart who doesn’t stop making her laugh. Soon enough, Wiley became a celebrity in his community and Smith also opened up an Instagram page where she regularly posts images of Wiley. Soon enough, he had more than 15,000 followers who are enjoying seeing what he’s up to every day.

You can see photos of the cutest dalmatian snuggling with his favorite toy, which is actually a cat toy, but he has no problem with that or in front of the TV, watching 101 Dalmatians. She also dresses him up and shares photos of him hanging out with other doggo friends.

As Wiley is growing up, his heart-shaped nose is going nowhere. He will continue carrying love on his face and make others happy with his cutest face. Definitely, he’s an adorable and friendly dog who’s taking over social media, but the hearts of his followers too!





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