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Cigarette Butts: Some of the Major Ocean Pollutants

Cigarette Butts: Some of the Major Ocean Pollutants

Pollution is one of the major threats for the ocean along with climate change. Even though there are efforts being done, the pollution has not reduced in terms of plastic, garbage, and other waste. Believe it or not, estimates show that 15 to 51 million pieces of plastic are already […]

Armpit Detox: Why You Need It & How to Perform It

Here Is Why You Need Armpit Detox And How To Do It

By detoxifying through the armpits, we can help our body remove buildup of toxins on the skin. Moreover, it can lower the sweat glands’ capacity and the unpleasant odor being secreted. According to some research, armpit cleanse may strengthen the immunity and lower the chance for cancer. Unfortunately, the store-bought […]

Apple & Honey Blend: It Removes all Waste from the Colon Fast

Apple-Honey Combo That Flushes Toxic Waste From Your Colon

You have probably heard and read a lot about the importance of keeping the health of the colon optimal. When we fail to keep our colon healthy, numerous digestive and other problems with the health can happen. Statistics, according to Valentin Bosioc, shows that more than 50 million individuals in […]