Every Body Part is in the Palm of Your Hand-Press the Points for whatever Pain You Have

Regardless of how advanced Western medicine is currently, the pills, creams, and ointments we rely on are rarely helpful. On the other hand, alternative medicine has shown to be more effective in this aspect and numerous doctors recommend a balanced treatment that is a mixture of alternative and conventional therapy. With this in mind, today’s article is focused on one popular alternative treatment known as reflexology or the treatment of health problems through the application of pressure onto specific body parts like the feet, ears, and hands.

The Benefits of Reflexology

According to holistic medicine proponents, reflexology, when done on the regularly, can be of great aid for the body and mind without causing any harmful side effects, as it is often the case with meds. The specific points are pressured by using the fingers for 6 seconds and then you should make a break from 3 seconds before you do another pressure wave.

In Dr. Oz’s show, an experienced reflexologist Deborah Flanagan, successfully helped guest volunteers to alleviate tiredness, constipation, back ache, and problems with low libido. If you want to learn more about the amazing properties of reflexology, check out the video below:


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