The Essential Oil that Boosts Memory, Detoxifies the Liver & Relieves Stress

Nowadays, you are probably hearing a lot about rosemary oil, but, do you know why it has become so popular? Namely, this powerful oil possesses some pretty amazing benefits for the overall health and you should definitely include it to your daily routine! If you still have doubts about it, make sure you check out the list below…

The Health Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

  • Alleviates stress

Rosemary oil has the power to decrease the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. To enjoy its calming characteristics, diffuse the oil or inhale it.

  • Brings relief from neuralgia and neuropathy

Did you know that rosemary oil can decrease the ache and discomfort from damaged nerves? Mix 2 drops of it with 2 drops of helichrysum oil a tsp of some carrier oil and 2 drops of cypress oil and use the mixture to massage the affected area.

  • Improves the gallbladder function

Rosemary essential oil is capable of enhancing the gallbladder’s functioning and bettering the peristaltic activity and thus, avert buildup of toxins. You need to combine 3 drops of the rosemary oil and ¼ tsp of coconut oil and massage the area where the gallbladder is located with it.

  • Betters the health of the prostate

Rosemary oil lowers the level of DHT, a chemical associated with the prostate health. Mix two drops of the oil and half a tsp of a carrier oil and rub the content onto the area beneath the genitals.

  • Boosts the memory

According to studies, rosemary essential oil has the capacity to improve the cognition and enhance your memory capacity. Aromatherapy with rosemary oil was able to increase alertness, increase the feeling of satisfaction, and enhance the memory capacity. Moreover, studies also indicate that it can prevent and improve Alzheimer’s.

  • Decreases pain

The strong anti-inflammatory characteristics of rosemary essential oil decrease physical pain and have a calming influence. Rub the painful area gently with a combination of 2 drops of rosemary oil, 2 drops of peppermint oil, and a tsp of coconut oil.

  • Removes toxins from the liver

Rosemary oil improves the body detox processes, enhances the metabolism of fat and boosts the bile flow, and it can also lower plasma enzymes in the liver.

  • Enhances the health of the hair

Applying rosemary oil onto the scalp will help you speed up the growth, but also slow down the aging process, eliminate dandruff, and lower hair loss.

  • Good for the oral health

The disinfectant characteristics of rosemary essential oil can alleviate bad breath, avert gingivitis and cavities, remove plaque, etc. Just put several drops of the oil into your toothpaste or make your own, organic toothpaste by combining rosemary essential oil, peppermint essential oil, coconut oil, and baking soda.