Homemade Lemonade to Quickly Make Your Body Alkaline

According to latest research, the body’s pH levels are closely linked to our overall health. Namely, in order for the body to perform 100 percent, it requires a balanced and alkaline pH; however, nowadays, a lot of people have more acidic bodies, usually as a result of the unhealthy diets we follow, the excessive intake of sugar, and our daily exposure to numerous environmental toxins.

What Happens when the Body Is Acidic?

During this state, the body is forced to pull minerals like magnesium, sodium, and calcium from the organs and bones with the goal to neutralize the acid and expel it. Often times, this is the primary stage of osteoporosis and arthritis. What’s more, a study conducted for a period of 7 years by the University of California indicates that people who are struggling with chronic acidosis have a higher change of bone loss. Very often, hip fracture cases among middle-aged women are a result of high levels of body acidity as a consequence of consuming high levels of foods from animal origin and a low intake of veggies and fruits.

This being said, bringing the body into an alkaline state is of pivotal importance and enables to strengthen the immunity, regenerate the bones, and boost the overall health. To begin the process, make sure you consume this powerful, homemade lemonade as a preventive measure. Check out the recipe below!

Homemade Lemonade for Alkaline Body

You will need:

Juice from 2 lemons

2 tsp of honey

Clean water

Preparation: Fill one 16 oz. glass with water and add the lemon juice and the honey. Stir the content well and then drink it throughout the day.

For optimal results, consume the drink on the daily.