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Treating Everyday Ills With Traditi...
Treating Everyday Ills With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Greener Play Areas Boost Children’s Immunities

Playing outdoors is good for the child’s immunity and according to research, the children that had their outdoor play areas transformed from gravel yards into mini forests experienced stronger immunity within a month. The researchers believe this is a result of the child’s development of diverse microbes on the guts […]

All of Africa Finally Declared “Free” of Wild Polio

Africa is finally free of the wild polio virus after years of efforts by health authorities. This is a crucial step in the campaign against the viral illness globally. The historic announcement during a WHO event came 4 years after the last case on the continent was reported in Nigeria. […]

Apple & Honey Blend: It Removes all Waste from the Colon Fast

Apple-Honey Combo That Flushes Toxic Waste From Your Colon

You have probably heard and read a lot about the importance of keeping the health of the colon optimal. When we fail to keep our colon healthy, numerous digestive and other problems with the health can happen. Statistics, according to Valentin Bosioc, shows that more than 50 million individuals in […]