Cherries Are A Great Late-Night Snack: They May Help Improve the Quality Of Sleep And Fight Off Insomnia

Did you know that the melatonin in cherries is an antioxidant which has the ability to help improve your sleep-wake cycle and help you fall asleep easy and fast?

According to a study done by team of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester, and VA Center of Canandaigua, tart cherry juice may be the long-looked-for answer to poor sleep quality.

How Was the Study Done?

For the purposes of the research, the team closely followed the sleeping habits of 15 older adults who consumed 8 oz. of tart cherry juice in the morning and evening, for a period of two weeks.

Afterwards, they consumed another drink without cherry juice for two more weeks. The end results showed a reduction in the severity of the participants’ insomnia during the period when they consumed cherry juice.

They saved around 17 minutes of wake time after going to bed, averagely speaking, when consuming cherry juice every day unlike when they consumed the non-cherry option.

So, Why Are Cherries so Good for Us?

The melatonin in cherries is a natural antioxidant which our body produces in small amounts. It plays a major role in the encouragement of sleep at night and wakefulness during the day.

When you acquire natural melatonin from whole foods like cherry, your body can smartly use it to help better your sleep.

All in all, if a glass or two of tart cherry juice can help alleviate insomnia, this is excellent news for people struggling with insomnia. You can opt for one glass in the morning with breakfast and another one in the evening.

The Importance of Quality Sleep

Summer can put a lot of pressure when it comes to sleep because of the high temperatures and longer days. But, sleep is vital for our health- when we don’t get enough of it; we feel cranky and lack focus.

When it becomes a chronic issue, poor sleep puts us at higher risk of serious health issues, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

In addition to drinking this juice, it’s also vital to make other lifestyle improvements and lower artificial lightings in your home if you want to better your sleep quality and fall asleep quickly.

Stay away from stimulants like coffee and alcohol shortly before bed and avoid sleeping pills. They come with pretty serious side effects and consequently, can cause addiction.





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