Here Is How To Stop Inflammation And Arthritis Pain With This Alkalizing Green Juice

Unfortunately, nowadays, more than ever, we consume a lot of unhealthy foods on a daily basis like chocolates, candies, sugary coffees, soda drinks, fast food, etc. These foods elevate the acidity in the body and are often the main cause for heartburn and inflammation in the body, but other health problems too. This is why in today’s article we decided to present one of the most beneficial natural remedies against acidic body, i.e. kale juice.

The Importance of Alkalinity

The body’s pH levels have a range from 0 to 14 and when one’s pH is lower than 7.34, the body is in an acidic state which has a negative effect on the body and it can open the door for various diseases. The body becomes more prone to all kinds of inflammations, bad bacteria, and the immunity significantly weakens.

How to Balance the pH with Kale Juice

Kale juice will strengthen your immunity and better your overall health. It has a low-calorie count whereas it is rich in antioxidants and fiber that will enhance your metabolism. Make sure you drink it on an empty stomach, not after meals to avert heartburn. And, drink it right after preparation.

The Health Benefits of Kale

  1. Alleviates arthritis symptoms

Since it has strong anti-inflammatory power, kale is great in treating arthritis symptoms like joint pain and discomfort. What’s more, the omega-3 fatty acids in them will remove acid deposits.

  1. Strengthens the immunity

The vitamin C from kale will fight off colds and flu by making the immunity stronger and kale juice is highly recommendable after exercising because it will restore the body’s energy.

  1. Good for the eyesight

The provitamin A carotenoid in kale is highly beneficial for the eyes and when you drink kale juice regularly, you will prevent eye-related issues.

  1. Boosts the health of the heart

Kale possesses micronutrients that can lower the blood pressure and vasodilation.

Additional Healing Properties of Kale

  • Rejuvenates the body
  • Elevates the energy in cancer patients
  • Protects from cancer

Recipe for Kale Juice


One and a half cups of water

2 cups of kale

Half a cup of parsley leaves

2 stalks of celery

2 tbsp of lemon juice

Preparation: Put the ingredients in a blender and blend them for a couple of minutes to get a homogeneous mixture. Transfer the content into a tall glass. Enjoy!