How To Speed Up Your Metabolism & Change Your Life Even Though You Are over 40

Our metabolism is of pivotal importance for the numerous chemical and physical processes taking place in the body. It assists with blood circulation, breathing, etc. However, as people enter their fifth decade of life, their metabolism may not perform optimally as when we were younger and the chances of weight gain elevate, as well as of numerous other health complications. In addition to age, there are other contributing factors to poor metabolism, like sex, thyroid levels, stress, mood, and muscle-to-fat ratio.

Why a Fast Metabolism Is a Must?

The metabolism helps food convert into energy from the chemicals in the digestive tract. Nevertheless, when it fails to use this energy right away, the body begins to store it in the bodily tissues which results in weight gain. Sometimes, it is the hormones and the nervous system that play a role too.

How to Speed Up the Metabolism?

Elevate the consumption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from meat, fruits, veggies, and dairy

Minimize the consumption of salt, alcohol, carbs, and processed foods

Up the level of fiber and protein and make sure you eat them in the morning

Drink a lot of water to remove toxins from the organs, better the digestion, and enhance other bodily processes and functions

Prior to meals, drink cold water to lower the amount of food you will eat and to speed up your metabolism (this happens because the body will try to balance the temperature and thus, end up burning higher level of calories)

Add more beans to your diet because of their high level of soluble fiber that is known to lower the insulin levels and prolong the satiety

Add more black pepper to your meals because it is known to boost the metabolism

Opt for a cup of oolong tea on a daily basis. Its polyphenols will help your body block

Get enough sleep and rest because sleep allows the muscles to eliminate the tension, lowers stress, helps us burn fat, and ensures you are in a good mood; people over the age of 40 require 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep per night

Exercise on a regular basis. You can go with swimming, bike riding, walking, running, etc. Any of these physical activities will maintain your overall health, better the cardiovascular health, prevent osteoporosis, lose weight, and minimize menopause-related symptoms



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