Spray this Simple 2-Ingredient Mixture & You Will never See Spiders or Insects in Your Home

With certainty, we all like summer, but we often dislike what it brings in our homes, i.e. the creepy and disgusting insects and bugs, right? This is why in today’s article we decided to focus on presenting the most effective natural methods to remove them without having to rely on toxic store-bought insect repellents.

This is because the potent chemicals designed to remove them are harmful to humans and to the environment. When it comes to insects, a lot of people would like to know how to get rid of spiders! Spider bite symptoms are known to cause ache, itchiness, nausea, vomiting, muscle ache, as well as fever.

How to Get Rid of Spiders Naturally

Did you know that spiders cannot handle the smell of peppermint? This being said, peppermint essential oil is one of the safest and most affordable methods to prevent the appearance of spiders in your home. Let us take a look at how to prepare the natural solution and put an end to your struggles!

You will need:


Quality peppermint essential oil

Spray bottle

Preparation: Fill the bottle with water and drop several drops of the oil and then close it. Shake it well to combine the two ingredients.

Application: Spray different parts of your home, especially areas where you have been noticing spiders the most, for example, windows, doors, and corners on a weekly basis.

Other Helpful Tips to Naturally Expel Spiders

  1. Orange peels

In addition to being repelled by peppermint, spiders are also adverse to citrus scents and this is what makes orange peels a powerful method to keep them at bay. You can also use any other citrus fruit’s peel, for example, lemons and grapefruit. Peel off the fruit you have chosen and then chop the peel into quarter-inch pieces. Put them in a pot with boiling water and leave them overnight to soak. The next morning, strain the content and mix the liquid with one cup of witch hazel. Transfer the content into a spray bottle and shake it prior to use. Spray the mixture onto areas of your home where you have been noticing spiders the most.

  1. White vinegar

With certainty, white vinegar is one of the most versatile substances ever (with more than 1000 uses) and it has the capacity to repel spiders too with the help of its acetic acid. When mixed with water, you will finally manage to keep these annoying creatures far away from your house! In addition to spraying the mixture onto cabinets, sinks, and corners, also apply it onto cracks and crevices in the walls and floors.



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