What Happens To Your Anxiety, Depression And Liver When You Consume Wheatgrass Daily

Wheatgrass is a young wheat plant which is harvested prior to the wheat kernels grow. It is commonly used for the preparation of fresh juices or it is combined in smoothies or tea. It is consisted of 70 percent chlorophyll which is known for its capacity to fight off stress and infections and to speed up the healing of wounds. Wheatgrass is also known to encourage the production of red blood cells, better the blood flow, stimulate the thyroid gland, better the metabolism, and alkalize the whole body!

Why Do We Need Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a molecule which gives green plants their color and aids them to photosynthesize. In humans, it plays the role of a potent blood cleanser and builder and it provides a constant energy transfusion into the bloodstream and elevates the red blood cell count, as well as the hemoglobin, so that the red blood cells can supply us with oxygen. As bad bacteria cannot thrive in the presence of oxygen, consuming more chlorophyll-abundant foods, such as wheatgrass, can keep you safe from serious health problems, including cancer.

The Benefits of Wheatgrass

  • Increases the oxygen levels in the blood
  • It impacts carcinogen bioavailability
  • Down-regulates the signaling pathways that cancer cells require in order to grow
  • It may protect from toxins present in breast cancer cells
  • Can be used in enemas or for rectal application
  • Lowers cravings
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Promotes regular bowel movements because it is rich in fiber
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Strengthens the immunity

Where to Purchase It?

Wheatgrass can be found in tablet, capsule, extract, and powder form and it can be found in bigger supermarkets or healthy food stores. Make sure the product you choose is made from outdoor-grown wheatgrass in a clean environment as the indoor one is more prone to mold.

7 Ways to Take Wheatgrass Daily

If you want to learn easy and tasty ways to include wheatgrass into your diet, make sure you check out the following ideas that will help you enjoy it over and over again…

  1. Combine it with water

Powder wheatgrass goes great when mixed with water and it has a sweet taste; opt for a glass of it in the morning or prior or between meals.

  1. Add it to green juices

The fiber which is found in wheatgrass goes great with green juices because it will slow down the sugars’ effect on the liver and digestive tract.

  1. Mix it with your favorite salad dressing

Spice up your salad or sautéed veggies with some olive oil, cilantro, and wheatgrass dressing!

  1. Enrich your homemade ice cream

Why not prepare your own creamy and nutritious ice cream with some avocados, nut butter, coconut cream, and wheatgrass? Check out the recipe in the video below: