You Will Never Eat At McDonald’s Again After Reading These Horrific Facts

A lot of people enjoy eating fast food, especially at McDonald’s, however, after reading this article, you will definitely think twice before you head to your favorite fast food diner and order a hamburger or fries. Believe it or not, when you are ordering something from these restaurants, you are actually eating crushed beetles or duck feathers! Also, you are ingesting numerous other disgusting additives…Let us take a look at the major ones.

The most Common Ingredients in McDonald’s Foods

  1. Ammonium sulfate or soil fertilizer

This chemical is sold to food manufacturers as yeast food for bread and a lot of fast food companies list it on their baked products. It is also known to be used as a soil fertilizer and a bug killer and it is often added to strong household cleaning products. Unfortunately, it is FDA approved when used at low levels in food products; however, this can be problematic for people who consume it frequently. This chemical has been associated with gastrointestinal irritation that can trigger nausea and diarrhea.

  1. Prescription drugs

Yes, you have read right! Prescription meds like antidepressants are added to chicken food to poultry that is meant to be used for fast food.

  1. Cysteine-L

This amino acid is derived from human hair, duck feathers, and hog hairs and it is added as a flavor to meat and as a softener for pastries and breads. It is known to shorten the baking time of mass-produced bread. It is produced mostly in China.

  1. TBHQ

Did you know that this additive is included in almost 18 McDonald’s products? Although it is considered to be an antioxidant, it is actually a synthetic chemical which has antioxidant characteristics, but is not a natural antioxidant. It prevents the oxidation of fats and oils and thus, it prolongs the shelf-life of processed foods and it is also present in lacquers, varnishes, and pesticide products, as well as in cosmetics and perfumes with the goal to minimize the evaporation rate.

  1. Silicone oil

Chicken McNuggets contain silicone oil which is used for the making of contact lenses and other medical items. It is also known to be an anti-foaming agent.

  1. Cellulose

This processed wood pulp is contained in almost every item on a fast food restaurant’s menu. From cheese to salad dressings and strawberry syrup, it is added with the goal to thicken or stabilize foods, to replace fat, and to elevate the amount of fiber. In addition to being used by McDonald’s, it is also used by other popular fast food brands like Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Sonic, and Wendy’s.



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