6 Signs Your Appendix Is about to Burst

Appendicitis happens, as explained on Active Beat, when the worm-shaped pouch which is attached to the large intestine (appendix), becomes inflamed. This is a life-threatening condition if the inflammation is left untreated and the appendix bursts as a result. If it bursts or perforates, the appendix will leak infectious waste into the abdomen and trigger a fatal condition known as peritonitis that requires immediate extraction and treatment with strong antibiotics.

To maximize your chances of survival, it is beneficial to be able to recognize the major symptoms and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

6 Symptoms of Appendicitis

  1. Abdominal ache

A lot of patients, as noted on Active Beat, describe this pain as sharp and near the navel towards the lower right abdomen and it is known to intensify fast. The pain usually worsens with movement and coughing.

  1. Bloating and gases

Difficulty passing gas which leads to swollen and painful abdomen is a symptom of appendicitis. This sign is similar to indigestion, but without an apparent reason.

  1. Loss of appetite

Reduction in your appetite followed by inability to pass gas, bloating, and abdominal swelling, as well as diarrhea with mucus, may be a sign that you will be experiencing appendicitis very soon.

  1. Nausea

Mild nausea is common before appendicitis, as well as possible vomiting, similarly to when you have caught a stomach bug. But, unlike the flu, appendicitis does not better within several days and it may actually become worse! Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  1. Low grade fever

Very often, appendicitis patients report feeling a flu-like low grade fever which is often followed by nausea, stomach ache, clammy skin, and chills that are so strong that prevent you from standing up.

  1. Rebound pain

Feeling rebound tenderness in the low, right area of the abdomen is commonly reported by appendicitis patients. The tenderness occurs when pressure is placed onto the affected area and then released.




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