6 Useful Remedies Hidden in a Tea Bag

According to Qatar Day, whether it is a pleasant morning or a cold evening, a warm cup of tea can never be bad. Moreover, thanks to the invention of tea bags, this refreshing drink can be consumed practically anywhere, not just at home. However, once we brew our tea, we usually throw away the tea bag without actually knowing that they have so many useful benefits.

Therefore, the next time you prepare tea for you and your partner or for you and your colleague, make sure you save the used tea bags. And, of course, check out how you can use them best!

6 Amazing Uses of Tea Bags

  1. Alleviate sunburns

To get rid of the discomfort and itchiness from sunburns, apply some used teabags onto the affected areas for immediate relief. Black tea works best because the acid from it contains soothing characteristics that will pull out the surplus heat caused by the burn.

  1. Reduces puffy and tired eyes

Almost everyone has experienced having puffy and tired eyes in the morning, right? To lower the puffiness and tiredness, place some used black tea bags onto the closed eyes, lie down, and wait for 15 minutes. For an additional cooling boost, keep the used tea bags in jars and in the fridge and grab them in the morning when you need a quick refreshing “therapy”.

  1. Alleviates minor burns

Black tea contains tannins that have the power to reduce inflammation present in minor burns. It will also alleviate pain and avert flaky skin. Place a couple of cooled, used black tea bags onto the affected areas.

  1. Can help fight off dandruff

A daily scalp massage with used, black tea bags will help you decrease the presence of dandruff, but it will also make your hair shinier.

  1. Eliminates warts

Did you know that used, green tea bags can help you remove warts for good? Attach a tea bag onto the affected area with a bandage and leave it for a while and then replace it with a new tea bag. The antioxidants from green tea, as explained on Qatar Day, will avert the warts from becoming bigger.

  1. Refreshes smelly shoes

Deodorize smelly shoes easily by putting a used tea bag in each shoe before you put them on. They will absorb all the unpleasant odor and surplus moisture and your shoes will smell fresh and you will no longer have to be embarrassed to take off your shoes after hours of wearing them.




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