Here Is How The Negative Thoughts & Emotions Effect Your Body

As humans, we experience a variety of feelings, from joy and happiness to depression and sadness and each of these emotions contributes to a different environment in the body due to the secretion of distinct chemicals which are conditioned by the feeling in question. To illustrate, if the body secretes dopamine, oxytocin or serotonin, you will feel more content and happy whereas if it releases cortisol, you will be stressed and depressed.

Positive vs. Negative

In most of situations, we dedicate a lot of time on thinking and deciding what is positive and what negative. How we react to different situations in life is often a result of what the brain decides to be positive or negative. For example, if one gets cut off while driving, they may become angry whereas others will not pay attention and will move on as if nothing has happened, as explained on Healthy Food Style. This being said, ultimately, it is our perception is key to how we are going to feel.

Reducing Our Perceptions as much as We Can

The way you define things and situations is what matters and your perception has power over how they influence your body. With this in mind, it is pivotal to understand how specific emotions impact our health. To be able to control our perceptions, we need to focus on the body and mind connection and be more centered on creating a positive mental attitude that will help us live a happy and healthy life instead of battling with negative feelings all the time and drowning in unhealthy habits that can impede our health and well-being.

Physical Ache & Emotional Problems

Did you know that experiencing physical ache in some body parts may actually indicate an emotional problem?

Therefore, facing the emotion/s is crucial for reducing the specific pain and discomfort. If an emotion is causing your physical ache, no workout will be of aid. All in all, we need to learn how to process feelings and diseases fast by addressing the underlying cause of the emotion in question.

If you happen to experience some physical pain, make sure you check out the following infographic because it may show you what the root problem may be:




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