European Study Discovered that Raw Milk Boosts the Immunity & Prevents Colds & Infections

According to the FDA, raw milk is not good for the health and it can be detrimental if we consume it. But, what is so wrong with raw milk and why it is so negatively presented? Is this drink really a worse variant than the GMOs and pesticide-full foods that are being sold on the shelves throughout supermarkets nowadays?

According to a study published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, raw milk consumption is not as “deadly” as advertised. In fact, it was discovered that this drink is not toxic and it actually has some pretty amazing health advantages!

What Did the Research Showed?

Raw milk was found to avert colds, viruses, and respiratory infections in children, which was not the case with conventional and processed milk. The participants in the study were pregnant women in their third trimester. Half of them lived and worked in livestock farms in rural areas in central Europe and for the purposes of the study, they were asked to provide their dietary and lifestyle habits, including what type of milk and how much milk they drank. The information was then assessed and comparisons were made.

The final data set found that raw milk has the power to boost the immunity more than conventional pasteurized milk varieties. Raw milk appears to play a role similar to that of breast milk in strengthening the immunity and also aids in lowering the C-reactive proteins linked with inflammation.

Moreover, the study also showed that raw milk intake was able to decrease the chance of respiratory infections and fever for 30 percent and may also be a great ally for children so that they can easily combat these diseases.

It is worth pointing out that minimally-processed milk, like fresh milk boiled at the farm, was also good for children, but not as much as raw milk.

What about Conventional Milk?

The study showed that conventional milk can trigger inflammation because of the altered proteins that are produced during the manufacturing.

What Are C-Reactive Proteins?

These proteins are believed to be one of the main reasons for illnesses and raw milk was found to lower their levels in the body whereas conventional milk does nothing to fight them off.

To learn more about the debate on raw vs. conventional milk, make sure you check out the following video:





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