Scientists Found That Fluoride May Cause Hypothyroidism, Depression & Weight Gain

In recent years, there was a lot of talk on the subject of fluoridation of public water supplies and the large amount of fluoride in the foods we eat and dental products we use on the daily. This is a result of more and more people becoming aware that fluoridation does more harm than good.

Namely, the debate on fluoridation began three years ago after a study conducted by Harvard showed that children living in parts with highly-fluoridated water had a much lower IQ scores that the children from less fluoridated areas. What’s more, there other 50 human studies and 100 animal studies, as seen on True Activist, that have associated fluoride intake with brain damage.

Newest Study on Fluoride

According to a recent study, fluoride is highly toxic and it should not be added to our tap water. The study was published in The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health and it is based on the largest population sample that ever tested in regards to fluoride.

The end results discovered that individuals who consumed fluoride-rich water had a 30 percent higher risk of hypothyroidism than those who consumed water that had natural levels of fluoride. The findings also suggest that up to 15,000 in England may be experiencing serious side effects from the excessive fluoride in their drinking water, including weight gain, tiredness, depression, and painful muscles.

Why Is Fluoride still being Added to Our Drinking Waters?

During the 40s, when fluoride started being massively added to tap water, it was considered to help lower the occurrence cavities and consequently, tooth decay. But, this claim no longer holds water if we take into consideration that approximately 41 percent of children in the U.S., according to the CDC, aged 12 to 15, suffer from tooth decay. It appears that the aluminum and industrial fertilizer industries make huge profits through the fluoridation of water by selling their toxins at a high price to the government who then distribute it to the public water supplies.

How to Protect Your Self from Fluoridated Water?

First, it is pivotal to inform yourself about the potential health risk associated with excessive intake of fluoride and try to put an end to this dangerous practice by raising our collective consciousness. Until this happens and fluoride is no longer added to the water we drink, it is a good idea to purchase a water filter for fluoride that will purify your drinking water and preserve your health and the health of your loved ones.