What is The Right Position to Sleep For Each of These Health Problems?

Proper and sufficient sleep plays a vital role in preserving one’s optimal health. Averagely speaking, we spend 25 years of our lifetime sleeping or around 7 to 9 hours per night. But, in addition to sleeping regularly, you also need to sleep in the proper position in order to reap the benefits of sleep.

Hence, if you have been finding it difficult to fall asleep or if you have been experiencing other health-related issues, it may be high time you changed your preferred sleeping pose to the one which is better for your health. Let us take a look…

Best Poses for Specific Health Problems

  1. Poor digestion

For those who experience digestion-related problems, it is recommendable to try and sleep on the left side because gravity will do its thing and thus, better the digestive processes going on in the body.

  1. Hypertension

According to some research, sleeping on the stomach may be of aid for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

  1. PMS symptoms

Women who experience painful PMS symptoms should know that putting a pillow under the knees can stop the pain in the spine area.

  1. Shoulder ache

If you have been struggling with chronic shoulder ache, sleep on the side of the healthy shoulder and bend the legs a bit. You can also grab a pillow near the chest and place another one between the knees.

  1. Back pain

To lower back pain, lie on the back and put a pillow under the knees, as well as a rolled-up towel under the back’s curve.

  1. Heartburn

If you are suffering from heartburn, also known as acid reflux, it is good to know that sleeping on the left side can help you reduce the discomfort.

  1. Pain in the neck area

Neck pain requires for more neck support. Hence, put a small rolled-up towel under the neck or underneath the pillowcase.

  1. Sinus problems

According to the Harvard Medical School, people who suffer from sinus-related issues can benefit from sleeping with their head elevated in order to prevent the surplus mucus from going into the sinuses.

  1. Headaches

With certainty, your sleeping pose can relieve your headache or worsen it. If you have been feeling headaches because of a twisted neck during sleep, make sure you surround the head with additional pillows so that you avert turning excessively.




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