9 Fascinating Things that Happen to Your Body while You Sleep

Sleep is pivotal for our overall health and well-being and after getting a good night’s sleep or an afternoon rest, we feel more energized and ready for new challenges. In most cases, falling asleep at night does not require a lot of effort, especially if you had a long day.

However, sometimes, some people experience strange sensations during sleep and they often wonder what they are and what they could mean. With this in mind, we have decided to explore some of the major sleep phenomena that can be quite creepy, but do not worry, most of them they are normal and not dangerous, according to Wake Up Your Mind.

9 most Common Sleep Phenomena


Unlike other sleep phenomena, sleepwalking can sometimes be dangerous. It happens when the body wakes up before the brain does. The sleepwalker may wander around or even do extreme things like driving a car or a bike without being aware at all.


Also known as hypnagogic pull, this phenomenon occurs when the body becomes paralyzed while we are falling asleep and we may begin to dream before the body becomes entirely paralyzed; you may feel as if you are falling from stairs, the sky or a cliff into an abyss. According to researchers, the main cause of this phenomenon is not yet known, although they consider it to be more common when a person is too sleepy or too tired and the brain enters the sleeping phase quicker than the body.

Hypnagogic hallucinations

These hallucinations are common when we are unable to fall asleep and the body is still awake but the brain causes you to visualize images of terror or dangerous creatures. In most cases, these hallucinations happen in children; but, they may also happen in adults when they are overstressed or afraid.

Sleep apnea

This condition is characterized by the upper airways tightening which further impedes the breathing and decreases the flow of oxygen until you wake up. This condition may trigger headaches and fatigue in the morning. Sleep apnea affects more than 18 million people throughout the world and it is more likely to cause issues in elderly, obese individuals, and smokers.

False awakening

Even though it is less common than other sleep phenomena, this is a well-known sleep phenomenon. It happens when a person wakes up all of a sudden to see that everything around him/her has changed. This is because you are “falsely awake”” and you were actually dreaming that you have woken up.

Astral projection

Also known as out-of-body-experience, this neuropsychological phenomenon is characterized by the astral body leaving the physical body and it is considered by many to happen during a near-death-experience or an illness. But, astral projection can also be practiced at will. It allows you to see your body from a different point of view (as others see us).

Recurring dreams

During sleep, the brain processes information prior to transforming it into memory. Dreaming the same dreams for prolonged period of time may be an indicator of underlying psychological issues that the brain is trying to resolve.

Exploding head syndrome

This phenomenon happens when you wake up all of a sudden after seeing a flash or hearing an explosion. You may also feel as if your head has exploded. It is very similar to the hypnagogic pull due to the fact that it happens when the brain is asleep whereas the body senses are still awake.

Talking in your sleep

This phenomenon is more likely to occur during the first or second hour of sleeping and it happens when the body goes into the deep sleep phases but the muscles stay awake, enabling you to talk or move.




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