Top 10 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Strong Woman

We often hear about strong women and how cool they are, but do we actually know what it means to be a strong woman? As noted on King Demic, strong women are the ones who have gone through a lot of struggles, sacrifices, and pain, but are always ready to forgive and move on.

Strong women are independent, full of love, self-sufficient, and have no fear of showing their vulnerable side. They realize that one moment you may be the teacher and the next one; you may easily become the student. The problem is that she is well aware of this, but often times, the men who enter her life are not.

Therefore, the question which arises is how can these women find and keep a man who is capable of handling their character. This being said, in today’s article, we will explore the most common reasons why men tend to dislike strong women.

10 Reasons why Men Dislike Strong Women

  1. She knows what she wants

These women are well aware of the things they want, how to achieve them, and are aware of the risks. She has no problem going after the men she likes and will rarely wait for him to make the first move. Some men may find such behaviour intimidating. However, these women are never submissive and will love you with their whole heart. It definitely takes a self-confident man to be with a strong woman.

  1. She does not need him to fight for her

Strong women will show you their love; however, since they are quite independent, they also do well on their own. She can fight both for herself and you and she does not like men that fight their woman’s battles. Her problems are her own. Offer her your help, but if she refuses, remember, she can handle it.

  1. She is not afraid from intimacy

Intimacy is never a problem for strong women and they never hold things back. She will challenge you in intimate ways and require intimacy in different forms, from deep conversations to meaningful lovemaking. Since she is open and completely comfortable with her femininity, she wants her partner to be open to intimacy and someone who can make her feel like she is the one.

  1. She is always pro-honesty

Unlike men, strong women talk and dwell deeply into trauma, life-changing experiences, and pain. This being said, they need a partner who can be honest and show his vulnerability so that she knows that he is capable of sailing with her through the numerous challenges of life.

  1. She loves unconditionally

Strong women, similarly to mothers with their children, love their partners strongly and when they feel loved, they will do everything to reciprocate. They will be there to support you, fight for you, and help you reach your goals. However, some men feel intimidated by this type of unconditional love and may be frightened by the depth of her love.

  1. She shows you who you truly are

Strong women will talk about the areas in her partner’s life that need improvement and she will also be there to cheer you on by letting you know how powerful and amazing you are. Weak men are unable to cope with the emotional chaos that may arise from this behaviour and this is why strong women often stay with strong men who are honest, intelligent, and independent and most importantly, men who are not set back by strong women.

  1. She does not wait

If you are committed to her, she will recognize this and stand by your side. But, the moment she senses that you are no longer on the same path, she will let you go. She never plays games and for her, you are either in or you are out.

  1. She is intense

Knowing that she has gone through a lot and that she can persevere through the darkest hours make her quite intense. However, some men cannot understand her intensity and even find it intimidating due to the numerous emotions and thoughts that may resurface from it. A strong woman will share her deepest fears and secrets with you and expects from you to do the same.

  1. She values consistency and integrity

Women who possess such inner strength have zero tolerance for indecisive people and want a man who is respected and has integrity and a man who stands behind his words. When she feels played or disrespected, she immediately leaves the relationship.

  1. She can recognize lies

Honesty is a definite must when you are with a strong woman. They are great in recognizing lies and can immediately see through excuses.  They are interested in honest and selfless men who value mutual sincerity.



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