Couples Who Fight a lot Are more in Love, Psychiatrists Say

Maybe you were skeptical when you first read the title; however, it appears that couples who fight also love each other more fiercely than those who stay away from conflicts, according to King Demic.

When two partners can listen to each other’s arguments, they are able to explain their personalities and ideologies through words better. Since no relationship can perfect, it is completely normal to disagree with your partner from time to time.

In order to explore this topic, in today’s article, we decided to present several reasons why those partners who argue can have better relationships than those who do and useful tips to have a “productive fight” with your partner.

Fighting in a Relationship can Be Beneficial

When getting caught up in the moment, it is pivotal to stay away from rude and unhealthy arguments that can permanently damage your relationship, as explained on The Hearty Soul. A healthy fight arises from distinct perspectives that can be easily fixed with an apology whereas unhealthy fights are far more damaging and they usually revolve around things that cannot be changed or when one partner is trying to show power over the other partner.

Furthermore, according to a 2010 study, newlyweds who faced problems in their relationships and engaged in conflict reported being more satisfied in the end than the couples who did not enter in a conflict. Taking into consideration that difference of opinion will always be the case in a relationship, it is quite normal that those who try and engage with each other will more easily agree with their differences and will feel closer to each other than the partners who decide to hide feelings under the rug.

Tips for a Productive Argument with Your Partner

  1. Pause

Self-awareness is much higher among couples who productively have arguments and are well-aware that there is nothing good about immediate reaction. Therefore, before they respond, take a pause to breathe and address the problem calmly.

  1. Listening to each other

Yelling during an argument will not get you anywhere. Instead, you should use a soft and comforting tone and allow for your partner to express himself/herself after/before you do. This will increase the chance for positive resolution.

  1. Be cautious when it comes to non-verbal cues

Rolling your eyes during an argument or avoiding eye contact is rude and it will also make your partner feel as if their views are not worthy and that you do not care at all about what they have to say.