Do You often Wake Up between 3 and 5 am? This Could Indicate a Spiritual Awakening

If you wake up at the same time every night, this could mean a lot of things, including a spiritual awakening, i.e. a higher power may be trying to communicate with you, as noted on Elite Readers. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body has numerous energy meridians that are used during acupressure and acupuncture with the goal to alleviate specific health problems and to improve the overall health.

Therefore, depending on the specific time you happen to wake up at a similar time every night, it could be your body experiencing some sensation and is trying to express specific emotional and physical issues to you so that you can treat them. Let us learn more why waking up at night should not be ignored…

Why You Should not Ignore Waking Up at Night

According to Elite Readers, sleep is a period when we are most open to receiving messages from higher powers and these messages could unravel important information about our unique spiritual path. Below, check out the list to learn what waking up at a specific time at night may mean and how to address it.

9pm and 11pm- Excessive Stress

For most people, this is their usual bedtime. Not being able to fall asleep during this period could be an indicator that you are going through a lot of stress and worrying. To reduce it and sleep better, you should try meditation, yoga, long walks, etc.

11pm to 1am- Emotional Disappointment

In ancient Chinese medicine, it is believed that this is the period when the gallbladder is the most active so waking up at this period frequently could be a sign of emotional disappointment. Opt for positive mantras and learn self-acceptance and forgiveness to resolve this issue.

1am to 3am- Too much Anger

Waking up at this period may have to do with the liver and it could signalize too much anger and surplus yang energy. To be able to sleep easier, try meditation and increase your water intake.

3am to 5am- Higher Powers

This time frame is believed to be connected with the lungs as well as with sadness. Therefore, if you wake up at this period, it could be a sign that a higher power is trying to guide you towards a higher purpose. To be able to fall asleep again, you can try breathing exercises and praying.

5am to 7am- Emotional Blockages

If you happen to wake up in this period of the night, it may be associated with the large intestine and emotional blockages. To fall asleep easier, opt for muscle stretching.




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