The most Effective Method to Use 2 Eggs to Treat Knee Pain & Repair the Joints

Without doubt, the knees are a crucial joint in our skeleton and with its help, the fibula, patella, and femur stay together and are able to slide to produce numerous movements, including walking, running, sitting, standing, etc. However, excessive wear of the knees can lead to numerous problems, for example, inflammation and pain and in severe cases, it can cause loss of mobility. This is why it is pivotal to address the knee pain early on to avoid bigger damage that may not be treated.

With this in mind, in today’s article, we decided to present a potent DIY remedy to minimize knee pain completely naturally.

Homemade Remedy for Knee Pain


One egg yolk

2 tsp of salt

One bandage

One cotton ball

Preparation: Beat the yolk in a bowl first and then add the salt. Mix everything together to get a homogeneous mixture.

Use: Dip the cotton ball in the mixture and place it onto the painful knee. Attach it with the bandage. Remove it after two hours. Repeat the treatment at least 4 times per day for optimal effect.

The Health Benefits of this DIY Remedy

The magnesium in salt will get into the skin and this will minimize the inflammation in the area and thus, lower the pain. The egg yolk is abundant in minerals and proteins that will enter the skin and make the ligaments, bones, and tissues stronger.

Additional Tips to Address Knee Pain

  • You can easily alleviate knee ache by putting an ice pack onto the painful knee and hold it for 20 minutes. Repeat this method four to five times per day.
  • Massage the painful knee gently with mustard essential oil. Mustard is a potent spice which has the capacity to better the circulation, which will consequently reduce the inflammation and ache.

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the following video if you want to learn more about this natural treatment:




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