New Research Says Drinking Wine before Bed Helps Lose Weight

For some of you, this news may be one of the best ones you have heard recently, without doubt.

According to newest studies, drinking two glasses of quality red wine before going to bed make the ideal weight loss ally. The studies, done by Harvard Medical School and Washington State University, point out that drinking red wine before bed could be the solution for weight loss that you have been looking for.

Let us learn more about why red wine helps shed surplus pounds ,according to Body and Soul.

The Link between Red Wine & Weight Loss

Resveratrol, a type of polyphenol found in red wine has the power to transform white fat into beige fat which is easier to shed. Therefore, do not cancel your gym membership yet because you will still require proper physical activity to encourage the burning of the surplus fat. Furthermore, the resveratrol also elevates the gene expression that improves the oxidation of dietary fats and prevents the body from becoming overloaded. Burning of the beige fat assists in maintaining the body balanced and also lowers the risk of obesity and metabolic dysfunction.

However, the catch is that the optimal polyphenols that can help with weight loss are found in fruit, not in wine. A lot of the good polyphenols are not soluble and they get removed during the winemaking process.

Anyhow, the Harvard study showed that women who consumed 2 glasses of wine on the daily had a 70-percent lower risk of becoming overweight than their abstinent peers.

Nonetheless, these findings do not in any way point out that you should keep a bottle of red wine by the bed if you want to start losing weight. Namely, wine does contain calories and exercising on a regular basis and following a healthy diet remain the optimal weight loss methods. Moreover, the resveratrol amount used in the Washington State study was higher than an amount that people are capable of drinking in a day.

Why Red Wine before Bed?

Resveratrol, according to King Demic, possesses the power to lower the appetite and prevent late night snacking that is known to contribute to higher blood sugar levels and calorie intake, resulting in additional fat that needs to be burned off.




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