When a Strong Woman Says Goodbye, there Is no Turning Back

According to the Power of Silence, strong women say goodbye differently because they are not the usual woman you know. She is a woman who does not stand lies and games and she is never devastated or crying for a long period of time after a breakup.

And, she will never blame you for your wrongdoings in your relationship and she will never force you to stay together if you do not want to. For her, separation is a normal part of life and this is what makes her so strong.

She Is not Afraid to Be Left

Strong women do not just allow you to leave her, but she will often encourage you to do it if you feel that you should. She will always show respect for your decisions because she is well-aware of the fact that we all deserve to feel happy and fulfilled. She knows that life continues even after separation and she can go through it. Separation is not new to her and she has gone through it with people she loved and therefore, she does not allow others to be the main source of her emotional satisfaction.

What about Affection & Attention?

This woman understands that these two things should not be demanded from others and that genuine love should be very easy and simple. She knows that the right people will stay in her life forever and when someone wants to leave, they were not the right people. For her, endings are new beginnings.

Brave & Fearless in Her Pursuits

These women are fearless and brave and rather than mourning her loss, they rise like a phoenix and open up their heart for love again. She believes in love and does not allow others to crash her desires and hopes. Your absence is an inspiration for her to achieve her dreams; she will grow stronger from the breakup and reach her goals.

She is now able to forgive herself, love herself more, and focus on herself.

If you decide you want to be back with her, do not bother because she has moved on. She is away from the past and you are a part of it.




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