Simple Exercises That Fight Off Bloating, Improve The Digestion And Cut Belly Fat

Easy, yet powerful, these exercises are highly beneficial for those who struggle with bloating, want to improve their digestion, and reduce belly fat. According to King Demic, though you can sit and wait for the bloating to subside on its own, there is a beneficial way to stop it quicker and go back to your usual tasks.

Let us learn more about the best exercises that can help you defeat bloating easily.

Simple Exercises to Fight Off Bloating

  1. Knees-to-chest

On a mat, lie on your back and extend the arms and the legs. Focus on your breathing and begin lifting the knees towards your chest and clasp the hands around them. Try and hold the forearms over your shins so that the body is supported on the elbows. Ensure your back and shoulders are on the floor by pulling the tailbone downwards. Remain in this pose for a minute and then release.

  1. Knees-up-the-wall

Lie down on a mat by placing it next to a wall or on your bed (if it is next to a wall) and extend the legs onto the wall’s length while keeping your palms firmly on the floor. Hold this pose for a minute and breathe in and out deeply while doing it.

  1. The bridge

Lie down on the floor on the back and bent the knees while keeping the hips apart. Then, from this position, transfer the weight to the heels so that you can lift up the hips while your hands are clasped onto the floor so that you can stand up. Go as high as you can and hold the pose for a minute and then slowly go back.

  1. Lunge variations

In a standing position with the feet knee-width apart and the arms at the sides, take the largest step you can backwards with your right leg. Then, bend the left knee and clasp your hands and place them on the back. Open up the chest and gradually release the hands. Go back to the primary pose and repeat the same with the other leg. Remember to breathe properly while doing the exercise.

  1. Seated spinal twist

Sit down on a mat and keep your trunk straight while your legs are extended forward. Bend one knee and bring it up. Twist it towards the hip and leverage it with the help of the other elbow and try to reach back as much as you can. Opt for 30 seconds on each side. If needed, repeat more.

  1. The chair exercise

While in a standing position and the hips width-apart and the toes forward, begin mimicking a sitting position while your arms are above your head; go as low as you can. Keep the chest away and the shoulders pinned back. Remain in this position for a minute and breathe deeply.



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