Studies Show what Happens to the Body when You Walk Barefoot

As explained on Collective Evolution, earthing or grounding is the habit of putting your feet directly on the ground, without wearing any barriers like socks or shoes.

Many experts believe that the strong negative charge of the Earth which is rich in electrons can supply the body with antioxidants and electrons that can destroy free radicals.

So, let us learn more about the scientific findings on earthing and its benefits and whether you should spend more time grounding or not.

What Does Research Say about Grounding

James Oschman who has a PhD in biology from the University of Pittsburgh and who is an expert in energy medicine explains that subjective reports from barefoot walking show that it has the power to improve the health and well-being and that it has been a part of numerous different cultures throughout the world.

But, for some reason, a lot of people refuse walking barefoot, unless they are on the beach. However, in our most natural state, we would not have any cover on our feet and the contact between our feet and Earth can actually help charge our bodies to the negatively-charged potential as that of the Earth.

As seen on King Demic, one study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health points out grounding may be of great aid for the treatment of chronic degenerative illness. The researchers also claim that it may be an effective approach against pain, inflammation, stress, poor sleep, and heart-related problems. According to the research team, grounding plays a crucial role in our quality of life, together with clean water and air, sunshine, healthy food, and physical activity.

Another review from the Journal of Inflammation Research claims that earthing may have the power to lower or avert inflammation after an injury, including loss of function, swelling, redness, heat, and pain.

Moreover, a study published by the University of California suggests that earthing is potent enough to balance the blood flow in the facial area and other studies point out that it is great in lowering blood viscosity.

Interestingly, grounding is an excellent method to regulate the cortisol secretion. This is crucial if we take into consideration that low stress levels are pivotal for less inflammation, balanced blood sugar levels, and efficient metabolism.

How to Get Grounded Now

The rubber or plastic soles on the shoes we wear on a daily basis are insulators and they insulate electrical wires and thus, they disconnect us from the electron flow of the Earth, which we should be connected to.

Instead, we should be wearing shoes with leather soles or made from vegan leather or even better, when possible, to walk barefoot on soil, grass, concrete, ceramic tiles, and sand. Remember, walking barefoot on wood, rubber, asphalt, vinyl, tar, tarmac, or plastic will not ground you.




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