Ancient Cultures Did Not Get Cancer. Here Is what We Can Learn from Them

One thing is for sure- cancer can be considered a modern illness. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, it was practically non-existent. Of course, there were cancer cases from time to time, but compared to today’s cancer rates, that was only a small fraction.

Some people, according to Conscious Lifestyle Mag, consider this to be a result of the fact that today; there are sophisticated methods for diagnosis of cancer that eases the diagnosis of cancer, which was not the case in the past. However, not everyone agrees.

Cancer Was Not Common in the Past

According to Conscious Lifestyle Mag, Dr. Michael Zimmerman, a medical doctor and paleopathologist, explains that regardless of the lack of surgical intervention, there would still be evidence of cancer left. Hence, he thinks that the almost-complete absence of cancer in mummies could point out that the causes for cancer are associated with societies where modern industrialization has taken part.

Another argument by skeptics is that ancient Egyptians did not live long enough to develop cancer. Be that as it may, cancer has reached epidemic proportions today, so it is normal to want to discover the underlying cause for this problem. When comparing the pre- and post-Industrial Revolution periods, there are specific aspects that stand out and could be potential causes for the increase of cancer cases nowadays.

Now vs. Then

  1. Excessive pollution and toxins everywhere

Chemicals, toxins, and pollutants are not good for us! The issue is that we are chronically exposed to small amounts of these substances and they pile up. From exhaust fumes to foods full of chemicals and skin-care products made with different toxins, our body is being attacked from all sides like never before. Many doctors and experts consider the overload of chemicals to be one of the major causes for the high rate of cancer. The deposits of toxins in our body worsen the health by triggering genetic mutations and eventually, a formation of cancer cells. To minimize your exposure to dangerous chemicals, live a natural and healthy lifestyle as much as possible.

  1. Sedentary lifestyle

With the presence of cars, computers, and door-to-door shipping, our global level of physical activity has been declining for decades. This is not good if we take into account the importance of movement and exercise for the body’s optimal cancer-fighting power. Even a simple activity such as walking will activate the systems in the body that work to protect your health. When you tend to live a sedentary lifestyle, these activities will remain stagnant. 5 to 15 minutes of daily walks will significantly minimize your cancer risk.

  1. Losing our connection with nature

The further we move away from nature, the more prone to health problems we are and vice versa. Spending time in nature and “grounding” will supply the boy with negative ions from the Earth. Plants release these particles too. They are known to lower inflammation, act as antioxidants in the body, and neutralize the negative impact of positive ions. When you go into nature regularly, you minimize the depositing of positive ions in the system. And, there has been a lot of research that has connected low vitamin D3 levels with higher risk of cancer. This is important to note if we know that we get most of our vitamin D3 levels from regular sun exposure.

  1. Poor diets

Following a diet full of processed foods will cause a misbalance in the body. A diet based on refined, sugary, and salty foods is known to encourage serious health problems that elevate the risk of cancer, including obesity, diabetes, depression, and nutrient deficiencies. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, processed foods did not exist. People ate organic foods only. To better your diet, inform yourself about how to follow a healthier diet and buy foods from health food stores and farmer’s market.




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