Avoid Eating Food from These 5 Companies (Toxins, GMOs, Dyes, And Hormones)

A lot of mainstream foods in the U.S. contain dangerous additives, artificial colors and flavors, dyes, hormones, toxins, GMOs, and preservatives.

Taking into consideration that these substances have been found to damage our overall health and are also known to be the underlying reason for a long list of health-related complications, in today’s article, we decided to present a list with the 5 worst companies in the U.S. whose products you must not consume if you want to protect your health and well-being and that of your loved ones.

Let us check out the list below…

5 Worst Companies Using Horrible Ingredients in their Foods

  1. Heinz

As seen on Healthy Holistic Living, this company recently lost a lawsuit over false advertisement. Namely, the company was found guilty for lying to its customers by putting “all natural” labels on their products when they were actually using GMOs. In addition to relying on false advertising, the company also uses horrible ingredients in its products, including non-organic tomato concentrate, high fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar, pesticides, high levels of added sugar and salt, etc. Therefore, instead of reaching for a bottle of Heinz mayonnaise or ketchup, go with an organic option or even better, make your own homemade sauces and dips whose ingredients you can control!

  1. Coca Cola

It appears that the problems with this company and its products are endless; the popular and widely-consumed Coca Cola soda drink is full of more than 10 chemical additives that have a negative impact on the overall health, including sodium cyclamate, a food coloring agent known as E150D, aspartame- an artificial sweetener associated with cancer, MS, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes, and more. Also, as emphasized on Bright Side, regular consumption of this beverage has been linked with numerous health issues, including obesity, cancer, kidney failure, skin and heart problems, anxiety, and dental erosion, among others.

  1. Hershey’s

Alongside with other chocolate companies, this well-known brand was discovered to contain unsafe lead levels linked with learning problems and neurological damage, as well as cadmium, a chemical that increases the risk of reproductive damage and kidney, bone, and liver damage too. Unfortunately, the company has also spent more than a million dollars to ensure that consumers cannot be 100 percent sure if their candies have GMOs or not.

  1. Kellogg’s

Did you know that this company has spent more than a million dollars on pro-GMO and anti-organic propaganda in California, Washington, and Oregon with the purpose to impede the initiatives for GMO labeling? Still, this has not improved the company’s ethos and they have actually introduced products made with 100 percent GMO corn with traces of BT toxins and glyphosate.

  1. Nestle

This company, along with two other ones, incorporates GMOs in baby formula! And, there is also evidence of the company’s usage of traces of melamine, an industrial poison. Back in 2008, this chemical worsened the health of approximately 50,000 infants in China. And, the horrors of Nestle do not stop here! Namely, Purina, owned by Nestle, received a lawsuit for the usage of propylene glycol, an animal toxin and ingredient in automotive antifreeze for adding it to their dog food. And, after making 3000 dogs sick, the company noted on their website that this substance is approved by the FDA and that it is also present in cake mixes and salad dressings. Thanks Purina, this is really reassuring!




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