Challenge: Declutter Your Home In Just 30 Days – Here’s How To Do It

Putting off cleaning is not something unknown to us. And, though we may want to actually clean the place where we spend a lot of time, our responsibilities with work and family and the numerous daily chores do not give us enough time to do that. So, you promise yourself that this is the month when you will do a thorough cleanse; however, this does not happen. As a result, your house becomes full of clutter.

And, according to A Post, clutter does not just make your home look bad, but it can also make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. What’s more, clutter can worsen depression and anxiety symptoms in sufferers. Living in a messy area can also elevate the secretion of cortisol and consequently, your stress levels.

To help you finally de-clutter your home with no more excuses, we will present the so-called 30-Day De-Clutter Challenge. In a bit of effort on the daily, in 30 days, you will have a squeaky clean home.

The 30-Day De-Clutter Challenge

  1. Empty out your junk drawer

This is a drawer which almost every household has. It is full of miscellaneous things and soon enough, it may be filled with things we seldom or never use. Using the method of elimination, get rid of things you have not used in the last three months or donate them.

  1. Time for the closet

If you have not worn those jeans for who knows how long or if you have worn that flowery blouse only once since you have, it is time to donate them to someone who needs them more than you do. You will not just make more space in your closet for new things, but also help those who are in need.

  1. Your movie collection

Sometimes, we tend to keep our favourite movies because we frequently re-watch them. But, if there are movies you have not watched for a long period of time; so, give them to someone who has not watched them or throw them away.

  1. The television stand

During this day, focus on the area around your TV. Put aside things you do not like or do not need in a box and keep them in the attic. De-clutter any cables that are lurking.

  1. Now, the mail

Sometimes, we keep some mail, advertisement or newspapers thinking that we may need them later. But, this is not always the case. Throw away unimportant files and store the important ones in a proper area. To minimize your mail clutter, sign up for electronic bills when possible.

  1. The kitchen table

Your kitchen table is meant for you to eat on it. Not to be a place where there will be a lot of things placed, from plates and books to makeup and newspapers.

  1. Clean the cabinets in the kitchen

Look for any dishes, plates or towels you have not used for a long period of time.

  1. Donate old books

Though many people enjoy having their own small library at home, when your books are taking a large space in your home, it is time to donate them. Keep your favourites and give away older books or those you have read several times.

  1. Your wallet

Believe it or not, wallets tend to be very messy. Therefore, on this day, eliminate any business cards, gift cards, old receipts, etc. you no longer need.

  1. Clean your purse

Without doubt, a woman’s purse has so many things in it, from lip balms and old receipts to used tissues. Take out everything from your purse and divide the things into two groups; one- things you use and need; two-things you never use and do not need. Get rid of the latter ones.

  1. The makeup drawer

Ladies, used makeup or makeup you no longer use should not take up space in your makeup drawer or bag. Dedicate this day to cleaning this area of your home. You can donate the makeup which is in good quality and throw away the one that is past its expiration date or that which is not in good shape or quality.

  1. The shower

Remove any empty bottles of shampoo or conditioner taking up space in your shower. Throw away dull razors or any other products you are not using.

  1. The bathroom cabinets

Whether it is almost-empty toothpaste or unused bottles, there are so many things we put in our bathroom cabinets and never actually use! Therefore, throw these things away and make place for things you actually use.

  1. Shoe time

Go through your shoe collection. Donate any shoes you do not wear, but are in good condition. Throw away ones that are not in good shape and those you have stopped wearing a long time ago.

  1. Kitchen cabinets again

On this day, time to clean two more kitchen cabinets. Do the same as you did on day 7.

  1. Linen closet

If you have old or torn linens that you no longer use, take out of the closet. Make space for linens and covers you actually use. Donate the rest or throw away if in very bad condition. Or, an extra tip would be to cut it into smaller pieces and make your own cloths for cleaning.

  1. The medicine cabinet

Your medicine cabinet should only contain the meds you are taking and first aid. Throw away meds that are expired or you no longer need.

  1. The freezer

Though we tend to put foods in the freezer for later use, we do not necessarily use all of them. And, they end up just taking space in the freezer which you could actually use for things you need.

  1. Kitchen counters

A clean kitchen counter has nothing on it except from coffee pots or salt and pepper shakers. No dishes, no leftover food, no bottles.

  1. Another junk drawer

If you have two drawers, this is the ideal day to take care of the second one. Repeat the same procedure as you did with the first one.

  1. The fridge

Expired food, rotten veggies and fruits, etc. should never take up space in your fridge. The same goes for things you keep in the fridge, but you never use.

  1. Kitchen cabinets

Time for two additional kitchen cabinets- you can do it!

  1. Accessory bag

Donate or throw away any old gloves, jewellery, hats, sunglasses, etc.

  1. The car

Since we spend a lot of time in our cars too, they should also be squeaky clean. Therefore, head out in the garage and take a garbage bag with you. Throw away any leftover food, bottles, cigarette buds, etc. Then, vacuum the whole car and scrub the interior.

  1. Old toys out

If your child is no longer using some of his/her toys, ask them if it is okay to donate them or throw them away if they are in very bad condition.

  1. Organize the remaining toys

Once you have complied the toys which you will need, place all of them in a toy bin. Explain to your little one that anything which is not in this bin will be thrown away. In this way, they will clean up their toys more often and take better care of their toys.

  1. Board games

First, donate the board games you no longer use to a friend or the Red Cross and then organize the remaining ones in an adequate box or drawer.

  1. Cleaning products

Get rid of empty bottles and throw out any products with an expired date or ones which you never use.

  1. Two more kitchen cabinets

If you have not gone through all of your cabinets in the kitchen, not is the high time to do that.

  1. Done!

On this day, feel free to enjoy with a good cup of coffee or tea in your clutter-free home.





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