How to Make Simple Mosquito Repellent Which Works Better than Store-Bought Ones

One thing is for sure, no one likes mosquitoes! These tiny insects are not just annoying, but bite us all the time. And, once they bite us, the skin becomes red and unfortunately, it can be quite itchy and uncomfortable.

In order to protect ourselves from them (especially in the summer) when we head out to the beach or go camping, we buy different types of mosquito sprays or other types of repellents. But, are you aware that they are filled with all kinds of chemicals? Some of these chemicals may not be good for your skin, especially if you have a sensitive one.

This being said, in today’s article, we will present a powerful DIY mosquito repellent made with completely natural ingredients, yet as effective as the store-bought products.

DIY Mosquito Repellent: All Natural

You will need:

4 oz of rubbing alcohol or vodka

1 tsp of vanilla extract

30 drops of eucalyptus and lemon essential oil blend

A bowl

A spray bottle

Preparation: In a bowl, combine all of the ingredients and then transfer the content into the spray bottle. This mixture lasts for 4 hours only; therefore, you will need new batches.

Powerful Essential Oils against Mosquitoes

According to Health and Love Page, there are other beneficial essential oils that can also be of aid in getting rid of mosquitoes naturally and easily. Check them out in the list below:

  • Greek catnip oil

Studies suggest that this oil has the power to repel mosquitoes for 2 to 3 hours and some scientists point out that it is even works better than the DEET.

  • Cinnamon oil

Mix 24 drops of cinnamon oil and 4 oz. of water in a spray bottle. Use it to spray plants, your clothes, your skin, and throughout your house.

  • Lavender oil

Take fresh lavender flowers and crush them. Use the extracted oil and massage it into the sensitive and the most commonly exposed areas of the body during summer, i.e. the arms and ankles. You can also put several drops of the oil onto a clean cloth and then rub it into different skin parts.

  • Soybean oil

Mix soybean and lemongrass oil in a spray bottle. Use it to spray it into your skin or throughout your home to repel insects.




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