Kumquats: Use It to Boost Your Metabolism, Reduce Inflammation & Better Your Vision

Kumquats are small and oblong-shaped fruits which are similar to oranges, both in look and taste and they originate from China. There are four types of it, i.e. Marumi, Meiwa, Nagami, and Hong Kong Wild.

Namgami and Meiwa are the two most common types of kumquats grown in the U.S. According to Ph Labs, this is a highly nutritious fruit and it should definitely be a part of every healthy diet.

Interestingly, both the peel and the meat of the fruit are edible and nutrient-dense. And, the peel is also the sweetest part of the fruit and you will love it!

The Major Health Benefits of Kumquat

If you have not yet added it to your diet, make sure you do- the sooner the better. As Ph Labs point out, it has some pretty amazing health advantages. Check some of the major ones in the list shown below:

  • Promotes healthy bones

Did you know that one kumquat contains 12 mg of calcium? This mineral is essential for building and keeping the strength of the bones. This mineral is needed throughout our whole life, especially during old age when the bones are more prone to brittleness and fragility.

  • Keeps the digestive health optimal

This fruit is rich in fiber which is known to be important in the removal of constipation, excess gas, stomach cramps, and bloating. And, one kumquat will supply your body with 10 grams of fiber. It is also vital to mention that fiber is important for the management of diabetes as it keeps the blood sugar levels balanced. Fiber can also minimize the chances for diabetes.

  • Maintain the health of the eyesight

Vitamin A is a pivotal vitamin for a healthy eyesight, strong immunity, and healthy skin. And, kumquats are an excellent source of this vitamin- one fruit contains 55 IU of vitamin A. The vitamin has the capacity to lower the occurrence of cataracts and macular degeneration.

  • Strengthens the immunity

One kumquat will supply your body with 8.3 mg of vitamin C, a crucial vitamin for the immunity’s strength. Moreover, it participates in the synthesis of collagen, i.e. the building of new cells. Therefore, people who are in the process of healing, whether from a wound or a surgical procedure, make sure you boost your vitamin C levels to speed up the process.

  • Beneficial for the skin

Vitamin C maintains optimal protection from free radical damage and by eating more kumquats; you will boost your daily vitamin C levels. It will rejuvenate the cells and make the skin healthier and smoother.

How to Consume Kumquat

As Health and Love Page explain, this fruit goes great in cakes, juices, smoothies, pies, syrups, ice cream, salads, syrups, and even savory meats. You can also soak it in sugar and brandy and serve it during a dinner party.




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