8 Important Facts about the Female Body You Need to Know

Everyone will definitely agree-the female body is amazingly endurable. From labor pain to an ability to remember even the smallest of details, the power of the female body is incomparable.

But,we may not know everything important about it and some facts may actually surprise us. For example, do you know that the brains of women are bigger than those of men? Interesting, right? If you want to learn more amazing facts about females, continue reading the article!

8 Astonishing Facts about Women’s Bodies

  1. Live longer than men

Even though the reason is not yet determined, studies indicate that women seem to be better survivors than men. Namely, male and female newborns that were given the same amount of care did not experience the same rate of survival; and, men had a 10 percent higher risk of death. This is also the case in later life; namely, heart disease happens much sooner in men than in women, as well as the onset of high blood pressure.

  • Have a different brain

A research suggests that women have larger cortices than men. Thicker cortices have been linked to better scores in different intelligence and cognitive tests. In men, it was found that they had higher brain volumes than women in the subcortical brain regions.

  • Have a higher risk of neck pain

Women, as a study points out, are more prone to neck ache than men due to cervical disc degeneration. This disease is a common reason for neck pain and the accompanying symptoms are burning, numbness, tingling sensation, and inflexible neck.

  • Have a higher chance for sleeping disorders

One research discovered that women have a greater likelihood of sleeping disorders than men. Also, they have higher chance of tiredness and depression, memory and focus issues, and sleeplessness at nighttime.

  • Get drunk faster

When the body is unable to break down and digest the alcohol prior to entering the bloodstream and brain, we get drunk. To breakdown the alcohol, there is an enzyme in the stomach known as dehydrogenase and it is in charge of breaking down the alcohol before it goes into the blood. Research discovered that women usually get drunk faster than men because their stomach lining makes smaller amounts of this enzyme than that of men.

  • They see things in a different manner

One study concluded that in order to experience the same hue, men need a longer wavelength than females. Longer ones have to do with warmer colors so this is why the color orange may appear redder to men than it does to women. And, the grass may appear greener to women too.

  • They are wired in a different way

A study found that the brains of women are highly connected across the right and left hemispheres while the connection in men’s brains is stronger between the back and front areas. This being said, men have brains that are more wired for coordinated actions and perception whereas women have brains that are more wired for memory and social skills, which is why they are good in multitasking.

  • The role of oxytocin differs

Oxytocin or the love hormone releases when people are physically close or are bonding socially and it has a distinct impact on women than in men. This neurotransmitter is pivotal in women because of its importance in nursing and bonding with their newborns. Moreover, it also triggers uterine contractions during childbirth and i regulates the shrinkage of the uterus after delivery.




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