Sleep more During the Weekends to Live Longer, a Study Claims

Whether it is work or family, nowadays, most adults are very busy and have rarely the time to get the sufficient and much-needed rest. This is why we look forward to the weekends- a day or two that we can dedicate to ourselves and get a bit more sleep (if possible!).

Sleep is crucial for our longevity and optimal health and according to a new study;sleeping more on weekends could help us live longer. Continue reading the article to learn more about the study’s findings…

Study on Sleep: Findings

The study which has been published in the Journal of Sleep Research was created in order to find out what happens when people have days off from work and spend some of that time sleeping. As Providr explain, there were around 44,000 Swedish participants and they were followed closely for a period of 13 years.

They needed to answer different questionnaires regarding their sleeping habits. The results showed that those who slept around five hours or less per night, including weekends, had a higher mortality risk in comparison to the ones who got seven hours of sleep on a regular basis. However, it was also concluded that those who slept excessively had a higher chance of death too.

Week vs. Weekend Sleep

According to the research team, the participants who slept less during the week and more on the weekend had approximately the same rate of death as those who slept seven hours on a regular basis. This was the case with those under the age of 65.

What This Means for You?

The results from the study point out that short sleep during the week will not increase your risk of death if combined with medium or long sleep periods during the weekend. Cannot wait for the weekend!




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