7 Easy & Powerful Exercise to Strengthen & Stretch Your Back

Taking into account the size and importance of the back, we also need to strengthen and stretch it properly, especially as we age. However, what may be more challenging is finding the right back exercises and perform them properly without causing any injuries or other complications.

This being said, Providr offer 7 simple and powerful back exercises recommended by a personal trainer and a chiropractor from Canada. Check them out in the list below if you want to have a healthy back and healthy body.

7 Simple Back Exercises

  1. Upper back stretch

Having a strong and stretched back is essential because it is the core which surrounds the spinal cord. When you take proper care of it, you will minimise the chance for injuries and maintain a good posture. This is why this upper back stretch exercise matters for a healthy back. To perform it, place your hands on the edge at head height and with the arms out, push the upper body down. Bend the legs slightly if necessary for additional stretch. Remain in the pose for 20 seconds.

  • Back extensions

Put the hands behind your head or at the chest and squeeze the glutes at top position. This exercise is not just good for your back, but for the hamstrings and glutes too. Did you know that 80 percent of low backache is due to weak hamstrings?

  • Dead lifts

In addition to the back, it will also boost the strength of your glutes, arms, legs, and muscles in the back. To perform the dead lift, you need the ideal posture and full concentration.

  • Sitting rows

Opt for different types of rows, for example, sitting rows with a tensor band. This is an important exercise for stretching the back and all of its muscles.

  • Barbell rows

Multi-joint exercises are ideal for the back muscles to work together and the body to create neural connections and become stronger.If you are a beginner, start with lighter weights until you get more familiar with the exercise. It will boost your upper back’s strength.

  • Face pull

To make the upper back muscles stronger, opt for face pulls hands down. This exercise will better your posture, bring your shoulders back, and negate the upper body crossed syndrome. The exercise can be done without weights, for example, you can opt for an exercise band or combine the two.

  • Head to toe stretch

Avoid stretching the back first thing in the morning. When the muscles warm up, they become more elastic and they will stretch better. On the other hand, you increase the chances for pulling a muscle. Opt for easier and simpler stretches for the lower back, for example, the head-to-toe stretch. Maintain the pose for 20 seconds. To perform it, stand up straight with the feet close to one another. Gradually start to bend the back and do your best to touch the tip of the toes with your hands.




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