9 Great Reasons You Should Give CBD to Your Pet

Wherever you turn these days, someone is talking about cannabis or marijuana. Many claim that this plant has a long list of health advantages. In addition to people who are regularly using it and its components such as THC and CBD, they are also administering it to their pets claiming that this is very helpful.

If you have a pet, you should definitely continue reading the article to learn more about CBD oil and why it could be good for you and your pet.


Cannabis, the plant, has more than 85 cannabinoids or natural substances which influence the immunity. The cannabinoids work by connecting to the brain or the muscles and thus, change how we feel physically and mentally. Some are naturally found in the body (endocannabinoids) whereas others are taken through food, topically applied solutions, or through smoking (phytocannabinoids).

Cannabis vs. Hemp

When talking about marijuana and hemp, it is important to note that even though they are often used interchangeably, they are not one and the same. Both plants come from the same ancestor, i.e. cannabis sativa,but selective breeding throughout the centuries made them distinct species with different cannabinoid amounts.

Hemp is a tall and fibrous plant which is commonly used for the production of industrial products like textile, rope, pain,lubricants, paper, etc. In order to legally qualify as hemp, it needs to have less than 0.3 percent of THC. This is the preferred CBD source in the U.S.

On the other hand, cannabis is a bushier and shorter plant cultivated to have high cannabinoid levels. Its flowers are abundant inTHC and CBD. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a “high”, but it is very beneficial in reducing pain and bettering the immunity without any mental effects.

The same is possible in animals. Namely, vertebrae species have the same endocannabinoid system and cats and dogs have a very similar biology to ours. So, if you want to better your pet’s health, why do not you try CBD? You need not worry about any feeling of “high” in your pet.This is because the THC levels are much lower than the ones in cannabis. Below,check out a list with 9 useful uses of CBD in pets.

9 Amazing Ways in Which CBD Can Help Your Pet

  1. Alleviates seizures

If your pet suffers from seizures, you should know that CBD can be of great aid. Usually, they are given prescribed meds, but the issue with these meds is that they can be harmful for the liver, but other organs as well. They are also linked with lethargy, dizziness, and mental confusion. On the other hand, there are no side effects from CBD oil. In astudy, the participants who used CBD had significant reduction in the occurrence and intensity of seizures within a period of five months. This is potential anecdotal evidence that CBD may be of aid for seizures.

  • Relieves joint ache

Active dogs can feel uncomfortable because of the aging process and suffer from joint ache. This is where CBD can be of aid. Namely, cannabinoids are a proven method for fighting off inflammation associated with arthritis. It naturally alleviates the pain and lowers the irritation causing flare-ups. For stiff knees or hip ache in your dog, try out CBD to help better their mobility and reduce the pain.

  • Beneficial for IBS

As it is good for the digestion, CBD oil can be advantageous for IBS sufferers. The antibacterial characteristics which it possesses will avert bad bacteria from causing problems in your pet’s digestive system.

  • Betters the health of the heart

According to research, cannabinoids can regulate the heart beat, lower the blood pressure, and avert blood vessel damage. A lot ofpet owners, as Natural Living Ideas suggest, claim that CBD oil helped them treat the pet’s heart murmurs.

  • Keeps the nervous system healthy

In aging pets, neural and spinal issues are not uncommon. This is where CBD can be help by offering the pet the much needed relief and help it function better. Ongoing research points out that CBD may keep the brain safe from free radicals associated with chronic diseases, including Parkinson’sand Alzheimer’s.

  • Enhances the appetite

The two major reasons why pets may lose their appetite are stomach ache and nausea. So, putting a small dosage of CBD in their food can boost their appetite and cease upset stomach. Pour one drop of CBD in their kibble on the daily.

  • Lowers the seriousness of autoimmune illnesses

CBD can lower the production of inflammatory cytokines in your pet. These compounds are often the major reason for autoimmune allergies and disorders. Thanks to its antioxidant characteristics and the vitamin C and E, it will also reduce the inflammation in the pet.

  • Averts and helps with cancer

Unfortunately, cancer is also an occurrence in pets. If your pet has this health problem, you can bring them relief by giving them CBDoil. This will minimise the pain and the side effects from any meds or chemotherapy. It will also boost the effect of chemotherapy. CBD can significantly increase your pet’s comfort in case it has cancer.

  • Calms down the nerves and aggression

If your dog constantly lunges at strangers or other dogs or if your cat is very skittish, you can use CBD to lower their anxiousness. CBD is helpful in minimising destructive behavior and chewing on the furniture and urinating throughout the whole house. It is also beneficial for depressive dogs.




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