Finger Lickin’ Good Potato Bread Rolls: Vegan & Healthy

Who does not love bread rolls, right? They are an easy-to-make snack, which is not just amazingly delicious, but crunchy, flavorful, and a yummy appetiser for parties and get-togethers too. It goes great when combined with a side dish or tea, but beer as well! According to Clean Food House, their recipe for potato bread rolls is excellent for rainy afternoons and cold winter days.

The recipe you will see today is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, but it will also excite the taste buds of anyone who tries them, regardless of whether they eat meat or not! Spicy and soft and silky from the inside, they are simple and easy to make. You just need a couple of readily available and affordable ingredients.

What’s more, they are also very healthy so adding them to your diet will be very beneficial. Let us check out the recipe now…

Vegan Potato Rolls Recipe

You will need:

2 bigger Yukon gold potatoes

½ tsp of cumin seeds

½ tbsp of ginger and garlic paste

A green chili, chopped

½ cup of green peas

¼ tsp of turmeric

¼ tsp of red chili powder

¼ tsp of cumin powder

¼ tsp of garam masala

½ tsp of lemon juice

A tsp of coriander powder

½ cup of chopped onions

2 tbsp of cilantro leaves, chopped

9 bread slices

A tbsp of cooking oil, extra-light olive or peanut oil

Sea salt, ½ tsp

Preparation: First, boil the potatoes and then peel them. Mash them and add the red chili powder, garam masala, sea salt, and combine everything together. Now, take one bread slice and soak it in water for a couple of seconds. Squeeze out the surplus water and remove or leave the edges (for added crunchiness, leave them).

Then, take a spoon of the potato mixture and put it into the soaked slice of bread. Now, fold the bread diagonally around the potato mixture and seal it well by pressing the edges gently. Make a bullet-shaped roll. Repeat the same procedure with the remaining slices.

The next step is to pour the oil into a frying pan and bring it to medium heat. Add the potato rolls and fry them until they become golden brown and crispy. They need to be evenly cooked on every side. Remove them and put them onto a paper in a plate. Serve them right away.

Extra tip: These bread rolls go great with tamarind or coriander chutney or tomato sauce.