Hard Time in the Kitchen? These 20 Kitchen Hacks Will Help You Out!

Is the kitchen not your favourite-place-to-be? No worries, there are a lot of people like you who are also having a hard time in the kitchen and definitely need a helping hand. This being said, in today’s article, we will present 20 amazing kitchen tricks that will ease your time in the kitchen significantly.

They are also beneficial for people who love spending time in the kitchen. It is always good to hear a new thing and try it out, right? Come on, let us check them out!

20 Amazing & Beneficial Kitchen Hacks

  1. Easy knife sharpening

Struggling with a dull knife? No worries- you can sharpen it by swiping it several times on the bottom of a ceramic rim. Cool,right?

  • Squeaky clean microwave

Put several lemons in the microwave and turn it on for several minutes. Then, turn it off and remove the lemons. Use a cleaning cloth and wipe the inside of the microwave. It will easily clean dirt and leave the microwave smell fresh.

  • Fast tomato cutting

Need to cut several tomatoes, but you are in a rush? Put the bunch of tomatoes on a plate and hold them in place with another plate. Now,through the middle opening, cut all of them at once. Amazing, right?

  • Potato and apple slicer

Apple slicers make an excellent potato slicer. You can use it to cut the ideal potato wedges or fries and prepare a delicious Sunday lunch.

  • Cleaning wooden cutting boards

If you want to rinse and disinfect your wooden cutting boards thoroughly, prepare a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Then, rub the cutting board with the mixture and leave it for 15 minutes prior to rinsing it off.

  • Prevent boiling over

When boiling eggs or water for pasta and you want to prevent the water from boiling over, put a wooden spoon on top of the pot.

  • Heat two bowls in the microwave

If you need to heat two bowls, but the microwave does not fit them both, put one bowl on the rotating tray and the other one on the glass. Cool, right?

  • Clogged sink

Combine baking soda and salt (equal amounts) and then pour it into the sink. Then, let warm water run over it. This will remove the deposits causing the clogging.

  • Greasy stains

If you greased your pants, t-shirts or furniture, use cornstarch to clean the stain.

  1. Egg freshness

If you want to know if your eggs are fresh, put them in a glass filled with water. If they sink, it means that they are fresh; if they float, they are not good for consumption.

  1. Juicing lemons easily

To squeeze out the lemon juice from lemons, you just need a pair of tongs.

  1. Squeaky clean surfaces

Besides being an excellent fruit for a healthy diet,lemon juice makes the ideal cleaning method. Cut one lemon in half and use the inside to rub the surfaces. Then, wipe them off with a clean cloth. Voila- the surface is not just clean, but it will smell amazing too!

  1. Knife rack

For this, you will need a plank of wood. Drill holes into it and glue magnets into them. Then, paint the opposite side with an organic paint. You can now hang your knives-they will be attracted by the magnet.

  1. DIY meat cleaver

Tap a fork on a hammer’s tip. Remember to wash the hammer prior to usage.

  1. Lemon juice spray

Cut a lemon’s top and then insert the nozzle from a spray bottle. You will get a sprits lemon juice that you can use to add to meals during or after cooking.

  1. Organized jars

To know which jars contain what, label them with a strip of chalkboard paint.

  1. Paperclips

Unhook one paperclip and you can use it as a bag latch. Just bend it around the top of snack wrappers.

  1. Chopstick trick

Cut 3 holes in a plastic water bottle cap- they need to be big enough so that each of the chopsticks can fit through. Now, insert two chopsticks and freely enjoy your sushi!

  1. Frozen sponges

Soak a couple of sponges in water and then seal them in separate Ziploc bags. Put them in the freezer. You can use them as an inexpensive ice pack in lunch boxes. The sponges will melt, but soak up the water and freezer over again.

  • Herbs and olive oil

To have an abundance of summer herbs, freeze them in olive oil. Now, you always have a tasty addition for pasta and sauces.




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