Lemon Essential Oil Morning “Trick”: Activates the Metabolism, Balances the pH & Reverses Inflammation

Nowadays, people have been drinking warm lemon water in the morning because of the numerous health advantages it offers. Some of them include better digestion, lower chances for heartburn, liver stimulation, and a balanced pH. However, drinking it in excess amounts can be bad for the health of the teeth, i.e. the acid from the lemons can contribute to tooth erosion. The enamel is pivotal for the dental health and it protects the dentin.

When the enamel decreases, tooth sensitivity and the risk of other problems increase. But, there are ways to decrease the damaging effect, i.e. lemon essential oil! Stick around to learn how to cleanse the body after all the food (and drinks!) you may happen to consume a bit more during the holiday season.

Lemon Essential Oil instead of Lemons

Why is lemon essential oil more beneficial than lemons?-Because it is made from the rinds of lemon, not from its juice. Moreover, it has a neutral pH and to produce 2 pounds of lemon essential oil, 3000 lemon rinds are necessary. Wow!

When you do not have the acid to worry about, you can cleanse your body without worrying about your dental health. And, another amazing benefit of this oil is that the body will absorb it easier than lemon juice. Here are some of the best benefits of lemon essential oil:

  • Elevates the energy levels in the body
  • Clarifies the mind
  • Helpful for heartburn
  • Beneficial for acne treatment
  • It can encourage the removal of gallstones
  • Relieves respiratory problems
  • Contains D-limonene, a powerful antioxidant

Boosting Your Morning Glass of Water with Lemon Essential Oil

Drinking room temperature water in the morning can better our health in so many different ways. Some of the major ones include colon cleansing, loss of weight, renewal of cells, and balancing the lymphatic system. You can additionally enhance its power by adding a drop or two of lemon essential oil.

Important to note:

  • When you use essential oils, opt for high-quality ones only
  • The lemon essential oil you purchase needs to be labeled for consumption
  • Some people can be sensitive to essential oils; if you experience any symptoms, make sure you consult your physician right away




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