Amazing: Leave a Clothespin on Your Ear for 20-The Results Will Surprise You

Believe it or not, you can successfully reduce pain through your ear, that is, by applying the right pressure by using your fingers, but a clothespin too! Though it may seem crazy at first, this method is definitely worth trying and a lot of people swear by it.

Before we continue reading this article to learn more about the power of reflexology, we must note that this natural remedy is in no way a replacement for medical advice and medical therapies.

How Does the Clothespin Method Work?

According to Little Things, our ear has 6 different reflexology points they are believed to be linked to soreness and pain in some areas of the body. Hence, it is therefore considered that applying the adequate pressure to the appropriate spots can be beneficial in minimising the pain and discomfort.

With this in mind, check out the list below to find out which areas should be massaged depending on the type of pain you are experiencing. You can apply pressure with the fingers or attach a clothespin!

6 Reflexology Points Located on the Ear

  1. Upper ear point

This part of the ear should be pressured when you experience pain in the shoulders or back. Leave a clothespin on this area for 60 seconds to release the tension. Repeat the method several times on the daily for optimal effect.

  • Underneath the upper ear point

This point is linked with the internal organs. If you are struggling with minor discomfort or tenderness, put a clothespin on this specific area to reduce it.

  • Upper middle part

If you have been dealing with stiff and painful joints, you should know that applying the proper pressure to this ear part can be of aid.

  • Lower-middle part

This part of your ear is connected with the throat and sinuses. So, whenever you are in need of some relief from a sinus infection or a cold, attach a clothespin on this area.

  • Above-the-lobe part

Whenever you are struggling with a minor digestive problem and you need to boost your digestion, attach a clothespin on this part of the ear.

  • The earlobe

This spot is associated with the head and the heart. By applying the right pressure, either with your fingers or a clothespin, you can help better the functioning of the heart and reduce headaches.