Relieve Pain Naturally: Best Over-the-Counter Natural Cures

Unfortunately, nowadays, most of us reach for over-the-counter NSAIDs like ibuprofen or aspirin to treat pain like headaches or backache. However, these meds are doing us more harm than good. When consumed in excessive amounts, they can harm the gut lining, impede the gut bacteria balance, and put you at a higher risk of strokes and heart attacks.

This being said, it is a far safer solution to alleviate pain and inflammation naturally with appropriate alternative methods, including compresses, superfoods, cryotherapy, and herbal remedies.

Continue reading the article to learn about natural alternatives for some of the most commonly used meds.

4 Natural Alternatives to Common NSAIDs

  • Cryotherapy instead of acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is a medication that influences a segment of the brain which regulates the body temperature and pain. Hence, it does not address the underlying physical cause behind the pain, but it rather masks the pain. Unfortunately, consuming it for a prolonged period of time, you put yourself at a higher risk of liver damage.

Therefore, make sure you do not exaggerate with its consumption. You can also try a natural alternative approach too, i.e. cryotherapy. This therapy “shocks” the body and stimulates the production of a specific protein which has anti-inflammatory characteristics that will alleviate the pain naturally.

  • PEFT instead of Naproxen

Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory medication which is commonly used for relieving common body pain. But, it can be quite upsetting for the stomach than other pain meds; therefore, avoid taking it on an empty stomach.

And, you can also try out an alternative method like PEFT, a therapy which uses electromagnetic fields to encourage the release of anti-inflammatory compounds. The treatment ranges between $30 and $60 at a chiropractor’s or physical therapist’s office.

  • Acupuncture instead of aspirin

Aspirin is a pain medication that is commonly consumed to lower fever and to help to people with heart illness. But, this blood thinner may elevate your chance of internal bleeding when not consumed in moderation. A great way to cope with pain instead of reaching for aspirin is acupuncture.

This Chinese ancient technique is based on qi manipulation, i.e. changing the path of the natural energies in the body. According to scientific studies, it may help reduce pain through the increase of the serotonin production from the needling. And, this is the “feel good” hormone that regulates the mood.

  • Turmeric instead of ibuprofen

Did you know that ibuprofen usage has been linked with kidney damage? Therefore, it needs to be avoided if you want to avoid this health problem, especially if you have a history of kidney-related issues.

One beneficial natural remedy may be turmeric which is known to possess anti-inflammatory and numerous other characteristics. It can help with indigestion, upset stomach, and pain.




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