This Cannabis Capsule is So Powerful it Could Replace Painkillers

According to USA Health 24, in places where use of medical cannabis is legal, the opioid addiction and abuse has reduced by 25 percent; however, the government continues being unclear as to the reasons for the reduction. Many consider this to be a result of the cannabis legalization.

Unfortunately, the problem with opioids in the US is a massive issue so a lot of people are trying to find safer and natural alternatives that will not cause bigger problems. To help you understand the seriousness of opioid addiction in the US and how can cannabis help, continue reading the article to learn more important information.

Drug Abuse: More Serious than We Think

In the last two decades, in the US, drug overdose has become the main reason for death cases caused by injury. In 2011, 55 percent of these deaths had to do with prescribed meds and 75 percent of them were linked to opiate painkillers. But, research has found that these deaths lowered by 33 percent (6 years after the legalization) in 13 states where marijuana has been legalized for medicinal use.

According to Dr. Mark S. Brown and Marie J. Hayes, opiate abuse researchers claim that the laws for medicinal cannabis may be promising in reducing the high rates of non-intentional deaths related with opioids.

During the research, the team looked at laws on medical marijuana and death certificates in 50 states between the period of 1999 and 2010. In that time, 13 states had marijuana laws and the researchers found that the fatal overdoses from opioids were much lower in states where marijuana was made legal for medicinal purposes. In the year of 2010, these states had 1700 fewer cases of deaths caused by opiates.

The Rise of Cannabis Products

With more and more information about the health benefits of cannabis being released publically, a lot of companies and organizations have started making different types of cannabis-infused products.

One such product is the cannabis suppositories for females by the Foria Relief Company. Made with cocoa butter, they are considered to be the ideal alternative to painkillers like Midol and Ibuprofen that women most commonly use to alleviate period pain and discomfort. These suppositories are said to relieve the pain by relaxing the muscles and spasms and do not cause side effects as it is the case with over-the-counter painkillers.

What Does the Cannabis Suppository Contain?

This capsule contains extract from cannabis flower and it is pesticide-free. Its active ingredient is processed without microbials, contains 60 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD. This combination is very successful in decreasing the pain-THC sends happy emotions to the brain whereas the CBD relaxes the muscles, resulting in less inflammation and fewer spasms.




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